Are We There Yet?

06 Mar 2018 #Taboos

We Indians know what "advancement" is. We've advanced a great deal right from the Big Bang. There's progress in every sector of our lives - The resources available, and the way we use them. But are we able to refine our thinking the way we so easily optimize our computer systems? There's a stage in everyone's life when they fall in love for the first time. Now this isn't something that installs itself on demand; it appears whenever it wants. Age 5 or 50. People fall in love. But does our society accept this love? Feeling differently for someone - Some people don't even realize what is happening until it's too late because they weren't familiarized with these feelings at a certain age. Falling in love with someone, experiencing that sense of warmth and security around someone, experiencing your entire body throb because of a mere graze of your hands, seeing the look of affection in their eyes - all these are priceless feelings that everyone should accept. We must realize that they are natural and should in fact be welcome rather than taboo. We need to march in the direction of progress. But instead.. We hide. We lie. We keep secrets. We are scared to speak up. But not with our friends. They understand - they go through it too. And our families are progressing, steadily warming to new concepts. But however much they try to accept these changes, they weren't born this way. They think of boundaries that may be too watertight for some people. These concepts are what our community has built for us. We must challenge them, and accept reality. For example, Parents view spontaneous sexual acts on television or in movies. Ever so oft they just deem these to be unrealistic. They don't understand that these things are more common than they'd expect. Maybe it's not even their fault: they were brought up in a completely different age. But as the youth of the country, it is our job to advance towards a more transparent society - so that people understand that this happens, and it's okay that it happens, because it's a part of learning how to handle oneself. It's a milestone in becoming an independent human being. This brings me to the questions: Do our elders really understand what we go through when we fall in love? Are they supportive? Are We There Yet? Please share your views below.

-By ThatMate