Are you too experiencing a mental burn out?

06 Mar 2018 #Mental health

Are you experiencing – Stress? Insomnia? Anxiety? Irritation? Anger? Depression? Forgetfulness? Low motivation? Poor concentration? Attention deficiency? Low performance? Negativity in your behaviour? Poor appetite? Constant feelings of tiredness and fatigue? Wondering why? Have you noticed how extra heating burns the toast? Similarly, extra mental exertion burns out the mind. The Result – A MENTAL BURNOUT. Burnout is the loss of motivation, a growing sense of emotional depletion, cynicism and a state of vital exhaustion. So how can you fuel your mind, and keep it running to the best of its capacity? Here are a few tips we have for you: Check your stress levels – Are you feeling anxious, worried, frustrated, helpless? You can get yourself tested. Self-Introspection – Ask yourself, “Why am I burning out?” Socialize outside your professional group. Rediscover nature and spend some more time in natural surroundings like gardens, waterfalls, beaches and the like. Help others be happy and healthy. This will help give you feelings of satisfaction, positivity, and contentment. Helping someone cross a road, helping a child with some homework, or helping your mother or any other family member with household chores are examples of things you can do to help others. Limit uses of devices and gadgets. Keeping time limits is very helpful, like not taking work related calls after 10:00 PM. Take a vacation. Once in 5 – 6 months is helpful. The goal is not to go to the best destination, the goal is to have quiet time where you cut off from daily hassles of life, irrespective of the destination. Rediscover your passions and hobbies and learn to relax. Having a hobby like painting or playing a musical instrument is a meditative activity. Redistribute and revaluate your roles at work and home. Negotiating these with your family members is important so that too much work is not assigned by default to just one person. Exercise or do yoga – Do some sort of physical activity and find an activity that nourishes your soul. Here are a few precautions you need to take on your journey of healing from a burnout: While you’re recovering from your burnout, avoid taking on any new commitments or responsibilities. This can be done for a limited period of time – just till you are sufficiently out of the burnout phase and are feeling better mentally and emotionally. Take help of support groups (but only if they are therapeutic groups) or friends. Don’t be afraid to open up. Talking and pouring out certain troubles can have a healing effect, and you may gain newer ideas and perspectives from others in the therapeutic group. Learn to live a balanced life and don’t overdo either work or play. Most important point! These few simple steps could help you turn your life around and bring back the creativity, inspiration and motivation that had gone missing from your mind. This blog was initially published at

-By ThatMate