Body Shaming !

04 Sep 2018 #Sex Education

रहमन इस सँसार म, भाँत भाँत के लोग। सबसु हल मल चालय, जो तारा संजोग।। Wondering why I started with this? Well almost everyone must have come across this and related it to the heart of a person but just for a moment, a brief moment, think and think why can't it be for body! In this society, everyone is concerned about how they look or how they portray themselves in front of the world and in front of the people around them. Ever stopped and thought about how often we were told to change ourself, our body, our manners, our life, our identification, just because people don't like the way we are. I have been wondering for years that how cloself have I affected them or their lives but to my surprise, I didn't find even a single reason, none at all. Even the magazines, YouTube channels, and many other social media advertisement are promoting these type of practices and telling us to adapt ways to hide our imperfections without actually knowing anything about us, much less of our appearance. The world is somehow all about having perfect body with no fats and if sadly you're a person with body fats people start criticizing you in every possible ways and tell you to manage yourself. It doesn't matter for them that their criticism can lower the self-esteem of the very person. Body shaming manifest a person in many ways, they start criticizing their own appearance through judgement  or comparison to another person whom they think looks great in every aspect. The most important question is why a person is judged by their physical body appearance? Why is that we have laws for ruining someone's body by touching but not for ruining someone's life for lowering their pride and confidence? Why is a person is judged again and again just because people around them think that the person is not beautiful enough physically? Why what people think have to affect oneself? Why can't we ignore such remarks and be positive about how we carry ourself? I would leave this questions answered because some things are for self introspection. Think hard and if you fail to conclude, drop us a message. We are there for you always. You are beautiful in your own way, appreciate what you have and love yourself. Your confident and comfort in your own skin can make you bold and beautiful. Be brave, be beautiful. Be honest, be confident. Be you!

-By Neelima Mishra