Conception, How does conception take place?

06 Mar 2018 #Sex Education

It's very interesting to note how and when conception takes place. When a man and woman or a male and female come together, a new life come to birth. There is a big difference in the way every species on this earth , come together to make this union and it's also important to know how different the process of conception is. Every females body has a Uterus, Fallopian, Tube and ovaries. When a Girl child is born, her ovaries contain millions of eggs within it. When a girl attains puberty ( or comes to age) , the million eggs, within the ovaries start to get matured , ready for conception. Post this every month ( usually 22 to 34 days is considered as one cycle ) . One egg gets fully prepared from the ovaries and travels into the fallopian tube. This process is called Ovulation. This egg, stays alive in the fallopian tube for 12-24 hours. During this time , if the union between male and female takes place and the egg comes in contact with the male sperm, then at that moment conception of a new life can take place. Many changes take place inside the uterus after this. The uterus is very strong to take care of the nutrition and growth of a foetus. In case there is no union and no contact with the male sperm, the egg then breaks down there itself and then within 12-16 days the lining of the uterus, sheds itself, which is called a period or a menstrual cycle. Where does male sperm come from ?Inside the male body, near the male genital area,  there are 2 organs called the testicles. These testicles are responsible for producing the male seed. As a boy attains, or nears puberty, his testicles start to produce/ prepare million of male seeds. These are called Sperms. It is said that for every heartbeat of an adult male, 1000 sperms are produced and out of these, only one sperm is required for conception.  During Intercourse/sex/Sexual activity, the male genital ( Penis) gets aroused / erect and penetrates the woman's vagina. When this happens, the male ejaculates ( releases sperm) . Within a second of ejaculation , sperm exits the penis and enters the woman's vagina. This sperm contains, millions of male seeds. These seeds/sperms, swim through the woman's vagina towards the direction of the Fallopian tubes. If the fallopian tube, contains an egg released by the female ( during ovulation) , then one single male sperm, will enter that egg and from this a new life ( conception) takes place. This fertilized embryo keeps coming forward in the next 10 days and gets embedded to the wall or lining of the uterus. If this whole process successfully takes place without any danger, one can assume that the pregnancy /conception has taken place. During the menstrual cycle, pregnancy can happen during certain days. The ideal period to conceive is 3-4 days prior to and after the releasing of the eggs. Hence if a women is aware and knowledgeable about her menstrual cycle, efforts can be put using such knowledge for birth control or getting pregnant. (This is a translation of the blog originally published on The translation was done by Sandhya Vaidyanathan (Owner of Masala Popsicles))

-By ThatMate