Even after having 1000 friends on Facebook and 1000 followers on instagram, still we are alone!

06 Mar 2018 #Mental health

We all live in a perfect world. We have 1000 of friends on Facebook, 1000’s of followers on twitter and Instagram. No one is alone these days, thanks to these social networking sites. We all have become social media addict. My day is not complete without checking the updates on my Facebook wall or without commenting on someone’s Instagram post. We have traveled or want to travel most of the countries in the world. We earn handsome take home packages, have a house in a plush society and have an SUV. We have dated most beautiful/ handsome person of the opposite/ same sex and have an amazing sex life. We have invested our money in the stocks with the best rate of returns. We follow all the episodes of GOT religiously and have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. several times. We all think we are sapiosexual and yet we don’t know what it means. We party every Friday night and drink till we are pseudo-happy. We work out hard in the gym and try to attain that zero figure. We only invest in branded clothes, shoes, and bags. Ethnic clothes and local brands are no more up to our fashion standards; we prefer to wear western clothes and brands. Our trips are not complete without posting those flawless pictures on Facebook and Instagram. We know about the FIFA WC champion, the bigg boss house winner, the earthquake in Nepal within the fraction of seconds that too without reading a newspaper. Whenever we are in doubt about anything under the sky we can just google it. Even when we are lost Google comes to our rescue thanks to google maps!! We take on the world with the 140 words space. We chat on the social networking sites with our friends but have no time to meet them. Our pizzas are delivered in 30 minutes and our cabs in 2 minutes, still we are always busy. Like our maggie, our relationships are instant too. We fall in and out of love as easily as we order food online. We are looking for fun more than love. Dating someone is just a swipe away. We are more into open relationships than in a committed one. We get bored of people very easily. We are not looking for someone to spend life but looking for a company to spend our weekends, to watch movies and to drink in a pub. We don’t understand that we need a companion but we are unable to accept it. We are happier to be with ourselves. We are so much tied up to the social media (texting, tweeting) that there is hardly something to talk about. We are a generation where falling in love is a mistake while sleeping with someone is not. We are sexually and financially independent generation. We are more comfortable in having friends with benefits or no strings attached kind of set up. We are scared of long term and long distance relationships. Socializing with many people is easier than spending time with someone special. We don’t want to talk or discuss issues in the relationship rather prefer to walk out. We believe in an instant make up and break up kind of set up. We want to be in the comfort zone, in our so called perfect world. So whenever anything happens below our expectations we are disappointed. If our dreams are broken we are depressed. We are uncomfortable to move out of our comfort zone. We aren’t resilient; we get depressed easily with small defeats. We are afraid of falling in love, getting hurt. We just can’t handle the rejection, not even that on Tinder. We feel sad when our colleague gets a promotion or our friend goes on a trip to Mauritius. We have become more competitive. We always try to find faults in our partners, parents, and friends. We hardly appreciate people; we always try to see our version of people (the way we want them to be). We expect a lot from others while we do nothing for them. We are too busy to be OURSELVES. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein Madhavi Jadhav

-By ThatMate