How Bollywood Has Ruined The Meaning Of A Lesbian Or Gay!

20 Apr 2018 #Gender Issues

From showing John Abrahim and Abhishek Bachchan as feminine and flirtatious characters in ‘dostana’ to portraying Malik Kafur asa feeble and lady like Malik kafur in ‘Padmavat’, we have innumerable examples in the Indian films where homosexuals have been projected in a ‘false’ light. We have been fed with obnoxious stuff about the approach that the people belonging to such orientations have. The hindi movies in our country is followed passionately by people of all age groups, young kids especially are vulnerable to such misleading information. Children also make fun of such characters which might leave an indelible imprint on their mind as to how such characters are in real life.

Stating a recent example of a grossly protested against movie ‘Padmavat’ the feminine and feeble showcase of Malik Kafur, who was originally the army chief of Allauddin Khilji’s unabated army reveals how badly we can falter at representing a great warrior and a dexterous war planner who made Khilji conquer many kingdoms.

     The de-glorification of a person belonging to LGBT on an international platform reveals the cursed mindset that Indian movie makers possess even when many nations as well as many international celebrities have come out of the closet and boldly accepted their alternate sexual orientation.

       Even though Bollywood marks its dominance by releasing the most number of movies in the world in a year, still it is sad to be acquainted with the fact that many mainstream Indian directors were never bold enough to come up with the single movie projecting a strong LGBTQ character. Even the grossly looked upon mainstream actors, who are looked up to, have shown reluctance in taking such roles.

In the year 2017 many prominent celebrities across the globe have been vocal about their sexuality. There is a dire need for more of such people who are people’s role models to stress on the fact that belonging to a certain community is not a menace and is completely okay to talk about what your desires and preferences are.

Undoubtedly , Bollywood movies have been showing people belonging to LGBTQ  community in the wrong light and its time that we come out with strong , bold and influential protagonists who are seen as people above their sexuality and people who have more roles to play in the society.

Some efforts towards this humane cause were initiated by late director Rituparno Ghosh who made startling revelations about his sexuality thus breaking the glass ceiling and dared to make movies revolving around the LGBT community.

Even though many fashion designers have been associated with tags such as gay or lesbian, they never publicly accepts such claims even though it might be true. It is because they fear social isolation and the taboo that surrounds the existence of people belonging to such communities.

It is such portrayal that individuals as young children feel uncomfortable in their skin and fear backlash which in turn leads to hiding their desires and lacking courage to accept who they are.

Sexual orientation is a sensitive issue which needs to be projected adequately by the mainstream media and film industry. It is possible only when they start generalizing  the issue to teach children that no community is lesser than others and that all are equal no matter what we choose to be and that our character, vision and individuality is that what defines us , not the person we choose to live with.

It is time when we give such people voices because right to life is a fundamental right to everyone. The nation’s supreme power, the judiciary also has appropriate role to play in giving the LGBT community equal rights. The law should, after considering right to privacy and the right to life and freedom, mend the highly dominant ruling by the Supreme Court and empower the people belonging to a ‘suppressed’ community to give them the strength to come out and accept what they choose to be and who they choose to be with.

-By Anshxyz