How to deal with rejection in love?

06 Mar 2018 #Taboos

Valentine's Day is here and the town is coloured red. The built up to 14th of February includes numerous commercials, social media articles, blooming floral business, decorated malls and cafes and our very dear Google homepage has a love doodle! Among all this frivolity and air filled with emotions of love, there are many people who may feel a different set of emotions. For those individuals who are not in a romantic relationship, it is hard to avoid the urge to have that someone special in life. While some people choose to ignore the event, some risk takers tend to ask someone out for a date on valentine's day. Not all proposals are accepted and rejection is a common occurrence near valentine's day. While all of us want to feel belonged and accepted, rejections can lead to emotional trauma and harm self esteem. This article gives some practical tips to deal with rejection and help you bounce back. Do not allow your self esteem to be go down Do not get upset if someone doesn't reciprocate your feelings positively. Remember that they may not know you well enough or maybe they are looking for some other qualities in their prospective partner. Self esteem and rejection should not be associated. Being rejected by someone doesn't mean that you are not valued or are unimportant. Enjoy your own company Spend some quality ME time and do the things that you like. Avoid blaming or criticising yourself and pamper yourself by indulging in activities like dancing, painting, reading etc. Create a support system and seek their help Immediately get in touch with your support system which can be friends or family member with whom you are comfortable talking. Positive people who support and uplift you are very important in such situations. It's a good idea to be surrounded by people rather than feeling deserted and alone. Tell yourself that the pain will go All good and bad experiences in life happen for a reason and make you stronger. Time is the best healer, give yourself some time to think. Engage in physical activities Enroll yourself in a sports class or join a gym. Physical activities force us to live in the moment and not think about negativity. Exercising is a positive routine and helps overcome stress and emotional trauma. Garima Shukla

-By ThatMate