Is homeschooling the future of education?

10 Sep 2019 #Kids

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Did you know India’s first and only Noble laureate in literature was homeschooled?

Yes, you are right, Poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore was homeschooled.

And perhaps, this is what enabled him to pursue his poetry…his true love and interest from a very young age…

Modern homeschooling/home education began as a movement in 1980s-90s in the western world to infuse religion in the education of their children and eliminating bullying and other such perils of school life. With several drawbacks like lack of amenities, the idea never really caught up among Indians.

But today, homeschoolers enjoy the same access to information as their counterparts in formal educations systems with online learning. Moreover, the advent of social media has facilitated engagement with peer groups, despite being homeschooled among youngsters, and various clubs and other sports centres offer a chance for extracurricular activities, thereby cutting down challenges faced by home-schooled students.

Here are 5 reasons why homeschooling could be the future of education:

Personalised learning

Homeschooling allows children to learn at their pace, nurturing the uniqueness of each child. Personalised learning ensures children learn with the style that is most appropriate for them and enjoy the subjects they learn.

Learn about things children care about

Formal education forces subjects upon children, besides trying to fit them into the same mould. As parents have more control over the child’s education, they can inculcate basic life skills training like paying taxes and changing a car tyre for in children’s education.

A stress-free and harmonious life

Kids who don't fit in with a regimented school life suffer from performance anxiety. This not only impacts their ‘marks’ but also leaves a dent on their love for learning. Homeschooling allows parents to understand the choice of their children and helps create an environment that facilitates learning.

No bullying

It has been observed that children who do not grow up in a toxic environment are more confident and deal with situations better. In most schools, bullying is a way of life, which causes depression and anxiety among kids and eventually leads their poor performance and ultimately less attendance.

Early maturing kids

Homeschooling allows kids to spend most of their time near adults, which helps them to nature quickly and be wiser in terms of real-life decision-making. Moreover, research conducted in the US suggests that ~67% of the homeschoolers graduate from colleges whereas only 59% from public schools and 51% from private schools do.

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-By Rituparna Banerjee