Caged with taboo after 73 years of independence

20 Aug 2019 #Menstruation

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Isn’t it funny that whenever we come across the word freedom, we only think about freedom for our country? It’s been 73 years since India became independent but the road of taboos seems to never end.

Women tell their menstruating daughters to walk with dignity and pride but also tell them not go out during periods. Girls are told that they are a form of goddess then why are they barred from entering temples when they menstruate? They say girls love cooking, but why do they say that a pickle will rot if a girl on periods touches it?

We all behave like educated, independent, democratic and confident citizens of a sovereign country and at the same time fall victim to these taboos?

We all have seen women going through pain. We have seen them feeling abandoned during the days of periods.

Menstruation is as simple as any biological process. It defines a woman and her body.

Stop chainingwomen around these taboos. Break these social laws. Make every girl feel secure in her body. Understand her body and respect her choices.

#FightLikeAGirl #BeAMan

Do whatever you need but don’t let the women around you suffer because of periods.

ThatMate has taken a step to appreciate a woman’s journey and revitalize her esteem. We are here to add feathers in her wings. Free nation, empathetic society, and a secure outlook is the ambitionof ThatMate.

-By Mansi Pareek