Misconceptions about first night

06 Mar 2018 #Sex Education

<p style="text-align:justify;">Every person right from 18 years (wild guess) to the one taking ‘7 phere’ thinks about the first night. The first night aka ‘suhagraat’ is a much hyped and is a special night for everyone (who marries of course and probably is a virgin). Lots of thoughts keep swaying around regarding the first night with everyone having personal opinions or misconceptions rather said. It is a complicated event which cannot be just explained simply. There are lots of factors affecting this one night long thing – people involved, closeness, maturity, emotions, bonding, love, affection, pre-experiences &amp; mutual understanding between the partners. But first things first –</p> <ul> <li>Both are tired after the ceremonies being anxious and afraid about the first night</li> <li>Performance anxiety is a major hurdle in their brains</li> <li>Man has found his way to the Mars but still searching for the vaginal opening</li> </ul> <p style="text-align:justify;">In short, misconceptions, ignorance and fear can be the major reasons for failure of first night. These can be cleared with proper knowledge about this ‘subject’. Person can indulge in learning of this subject via different sources – friends, internet, online videos, magazines etc.</p> <img class=" size-full wp-image-1544 aligncenter" src="https://thatmate.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/indian-wedding-article-652x400-3-1469196984.jpg" alt="indian-wedding-article-652x400-3-1469196984" width="652" height="400" /> There are many incidents about misconception which lead to failure. <ol> <li>One groom decided to feel his fiancee’s private parts to verify the hole. Being ignorant, he felt the pubic bone above the vagina and concluded she had a bone instead of vagina.</li> <li>Some think they have entered the vagina when actually they were having intercourse between the thighs.</li> <li>A young man believed that vaginal hair would entangle his penis and injure it severely.</li> <li>Another young man believed that menstruation occurs through vagina, so its is a dirty place and so dreaded going near it.</li> <li>No lights please – the most common problem. (Dark knight rises)</li> </ol> <p style="text-align:justify;">Usually men won’t even know the opening to put into but woman still cannot overpower him, hold it and insert into. This instills thought of pre-experiences before marriage and often lead to divorce – what a shame. Another man thought the right way of having sex is to insert from the back passage, leading to woman filling a divorce.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">Suppose a situation where couple having sex, woman lying with legs stretched and man lying on the top trying to find the vaginal opening. Vaginal opening is usually semi-horizontal and thus a suitable position has to be found to enter. Instead of entering, penis presses against lower border of vagina causing discomfort to both the people. Supporting position would be man resting on his elbows letting the partner breathe or holding the legs of partner over his shoulder to give a proper trajectory. Thus, some suggestions can be provided:-</p> <ol style="text-align:justify;"> <li>Overcome your shyness</li> <li>You can use a ‘Zero-watt’ bulb to see what you’re doing.</li> <li>Using finger to probe the vaginal opening and wherever necessary.</li> <li>Everyone doesn’t have 6” rock-hard penis.</li> <li>Do not enter a dry vagina, it’ll be painful for her.</li> <li>Don’t lose hope, there is always tomorrow.</li> <li>Communication is must.</li> <li>See a doctor whenever in doubt!</li> </ol> <p style="text-align:justify;">I can be confident while writing this, why can’t you by having more knowledge? It’s about the chemistry between the partners and their understanding that will decide everything. Love &amp; sex have to go hand-in-hand. One is not making a porn video, remember!</p> Lavish Garg

-By ThatMate