Myths about penis size!

06 Mar 2018 #Sex Education

<u>Myth 1: There is nothing as an “ideal” size.</u> There is never one perfectly designed penis to fulfill each and every women's unique needs. Female pleasure is more dependent on arousal and not the size. Clitoris simulation is the easiest way of female orgasm which shifts the focus not on the size but the right pressure at the right spot. <u>Myth 2: Shoe size predicts the penis size.</u> No, it doesn't. Eventually there is no such good prediction in this case. One cannot judge the size of penis by the size of other body parts. In 2002, two London-based doctors carried out a study of 104 men. They measured their erect penises and their shoe size but found no statistically significant correlation. <u>Myth 3: The average penis size is about 8 inches</u> The penis sizes vary around the world so there is no universal 'normal'. According to a study by the British Institute of Urology, the average size of an erect penis is about 5.5-6.2 inches (14-15.75cm), and the average girth is about 4.7-5.1 inches (12-13cm). Thus, the worry for a below average size is a myth. <u>Myth 4: Penis size matters.</u> No matter how much doctors and counsellors explain, men continue to be extremely sensitive about the size of their organ. It is certainly not the thing that matters for any woman. The chief reason why the penis size is of little importance is that the female part is a flexible organ that will expand or contract according to the size of the penis. <u>Myth 5: Increase the size without surgery.</u> There are a lot of advertisement claiming to prove this myth right. But a myth is a myth. Pills or patches for increasing penis size are useless. Penile enlargement exercises are also of no benefit. Penile suction devices are of little benefit. Penile enlargement surgery is the only way possible, but involves certain risks. So, it’s not the size that matters, it’s all in the technique.

-By ThatMate