Myths around Hymen!

06 Mar 2018 #Taboos

Medically speaking, the hymen (derived from the Greek word for “membrane,” but not to be confused with Greek god of marriage) is more accurately referred to as the vaginal corona. Hymenoplasty surgery or reconstruction of the fabled "virginity" in women is on the rise in India. However offensive and patriarchal this may sound many women willingly or unwillingly go for this surgery so as to prove their grooms about their virginity and purity. However here are some facts about hymen to clarify your doubts which are based upon some urban legends. What is Hymen? It's a little membrane that partially surrounds the external vaginal opening, and some girls are born without it!!! Yeah,it's true and it is not uncommon to be born without a hymen, so don't be afraid as to         you won’t face any health related problems because of absence of hymen. Hymen gets torn it does not "break" or "pop" Contrary to popular belief only upon penetration there would be through perforation of hymen and there is bleeding the hymen is like just other membrane of body it gets           torn in numerous ways, like from doing exercise or by simply cleansing it. Bloody Sheets  It is a common misconception that bleeding during first intercourse means the woman is  a virgin, However the bleeding may occur due various factors like improper lubrication, rough sex and anxiety as it         commonly said that first time sex is supposed to hurt. One of the reasons hymen exists In the womb, it is said that the hymen potentially serves as a protective barrier from germs and bacteria, but aside from that, scientists have yet to identify any significant physiological functions of the vaginal corona. Imperforate Hymen  Around 0.5% of female population have imperforate hymen which is not penetrated by use of tampons or sometimes even by penis. In these cases the hymens are surgically "snipped away"! Hence it         is kind of ironic that some women go for hymenoplasty surgery. Bottom line is that it does not matter whether hymen is intact or not, all that matters is clearing your minds from the urban legends and from knowing the half truths. Dr. Sangram Jadhav B.H.M.S

-By ThatMate