Parenting- A Journey

19 Aug 2018 #Parenting

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Parenting – Just a tiny word with three vowels, six consonants, and connotations that last a lifetime. A very small word indeed to be able to completely contain all the many, many emotions that it entails.

Most people like to think that they are prepared to embark on this great new journey, and to an extent they are. You can read all sorts of books on what to expect and listen to all sorts of advices. But you are still knocked over by the sheer plethora of emotions that you experience when this tiny new being is placed in your hands for the first time. It is equal parts terrifying and exhilarating to discover that this new being is so completely dependent on you -  and you make a promise to yourself and your baby, that you will do everything in your power to given your child all the happiness in the world. Thus, begins your journey of perpetually doubting, second guessing, double checking, worrying and sometimes even obsessing. And you continue this journey for the rest of your life.

But here’s the catch – while you are starting this journey, your little toddler starts a journey of his own – of developing, falling, getting up, learning, GROWING. All too soon your little child starts walking, running, making friends and wanting to run his own life. And while both these journeys start parallel to each other, somewhere along the way, the distance between the two gets painfully big and seemingly impossible to cross and is conveniently called Generation Gap. However impossible it may seem, it is possible to bridge this gap by the means of communication. Communication is a two-way road that involves both talking and listening. No other guide book can help you more than listening, really listening to your own child.

This is one journey that once you get onto the carousel, there really isn’t any getting off. You are in for a roller coaster ride. It is going to have both extreme highs and terrible lows. And it is OKAY. You are going to get tired and giddy and happy and miserable and question everything from your sanity to your ideals. But it doesn’t all have to be horror ride. It is a most joyous and enriching experience. Let your children and their needs guide you and let your intuition be the lamp that lightens your path. You will almost always intuitively know what your child needs. And as for when you are not sure, there is ample help available. Accept it. You do not have to travel this road alone. The English say, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

We are your village. Let us traverse the unknown together.

Parenting – a really small word after all to really be able to express a lifetime of love.

Ms. Smruti Deshpande


-By Smruti Deshpande