28 Apr 2018 #Parenting

‘At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents’. In the most advanced and technologically driven society where everything is quick paced and where our lives are confined within the four walls and with a 5 inch high tech device, it has become all the more crucial for us to talk about the emotional roller coaster that the kids of this millennium go through and how parents can avoid excessive exposure to such media which has triggered a lot of crimes lately.

The importance of right parenting is a topic worth discussing as parents shape the complete personality of a child. It is their guidance and flexibility of approach that can help children come out of psycho-emotional issues and changes happening in teenage. Stress related to studies or exams should be handled diligently and children must be made to understand that a few numerical figures cannot decide their relevance in the society. Boosting morale, motivating children to participate more and pursue their passions can channelize their energy into things that they prefer to do, decreasing their likelihood of getting off the track. Teaching children to be compassionate individuals and being more of  a friend than a parent can help in creating healthy relationships and can cater a way for open talks about periods,  sex and the taboo of being different in the society. Right parenting involves being flexible and cautious at the same time, as both too much flexibility and too much rigidity can invoke wrong choices by children.

Right parenting and a reasonable check on children can be substantial in balancing the physical, emotional, social and intellectual developments of a child and securing the child from falling into vicious temptations. A bulk of juvenile crimes committed by teenagers is a result of emotional or physical abuse suffered by children and the kind of environment that prevails in their homes. Teenagers  having a difficult childhood and troubled relations between their parents leave an indelible imprint over their minds and can leave them traumatized which should be dealt meticulously.

Parents can take assistance from NGO’s , counselors and teachers to combat issues related to their child and help them get over pressures and failures to lead a healthy life. A life where they can realize their hidden potentials and contribute as active and productive citizens of our nation.

A lot can be prevented if parents provide an ideal environment for the holistic development of vulnerable kids and address to their issues while guiding them towards a better life.

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-By Pallak is a budding writer who wishes to promulgate the word about puberty, the stigmas of the society and how we as conscious citizens can eradicate such evils and strive for a more interactive and congenial environment for the future generations.