Periods are a blessing, not a curse

31 Jul 2019 #Menstruation

Few days ago, I had gone to a nearby shop to buy sanitary pads and it was when I noticed that shopkeeper was looking for a newspaper to wrap up the packet in it to ensure that it won’t be visible even after putting it in a poly bag. He took about a couple of minutes for the task and I was already getting restless to leave. So I just told him,  “Uncle bomb nhi hai, asehi dedo” (“It’s not a nuclear bomb, give it as it is”). He reluctantly handed it to me directly putting it into poly bag. I left.

The above incident hasn’t happened just only at a  particular place but I have noticed such happenings in various places. How pathetic! The thing could appear a jiffy matter to anyone but no doubt, these little things contribute to mindsets of society in a bigger and influential manner. Nothing can be filthy as having such lame mindset about the related topic. It feels shame how our society still considers period as a taboo, this menstruation thing a sin. After such advancement of education and awareness, people want to be unaware of the fact, it’s just a biological process in woman’s body which is vitally essential for the human evolution in the world. Why don’t they just accept that pads are needed by women same as a medicine is required by a diabetic, though menstruation isn’t any kind of disease, it’s the most natural process carried out in a female’s body. As simple as that. Why to complicate things? Why are periods always followed by such awkwardness and embarrassment? Well, I believe, maybe due to men don’t menstruate.

I mean, that’s what we can derive from patriarchal views. We can agree that period blood is unclean from the fact it is impure form of excreted blood. But it doesn’t follow that women are impure at all. And not only men, women are also hesitant about the discussion on the thing. Or they have been taught to act like that since ages. But it’s time to change. I have seen girls/women not able to open or discuss their problems even with their closed ones, friends or family. In fact, there are males who are reluctant to talk about the topic or they don’t consider themselves anyhow related to it as they find it nasty. But this is what we are required to open up to eradicate the taboo, to broaden our views about it and getting aware about the vital process. Periods is a blessing, not a curse. Menstrual cycles shouldn’t be considered as a pollutant. These are among the most normal, most healthy physical functions.

-By ThatMate