Scared of answering "those" questions, read how this Papa is so cool about answering them!

04 May 2019 #Parenting

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Break the barriers, bring on the life and let the parenting begin!

One of the most difficult yet a blissful task is to raise a child. One can never know how to start an awkward conversation with their kid and how or where to end it. In this era where one can find thousands of journals about parenting, we have found a very simple show depicting the relationship of a child with his family and how his father handles all his questions. Not just he listens to them but he also answers them so as to give Pappu the necessary information without scaring him.

So, let’s look for 10 tips that Papa has taught us to prove ourselves an educated and a cool dad.

  1. Don’t run from questions, calm down and listen to your child. Answer those questions in an informative way and make it a story for them.
  2. Don’t relate your child’s life with yours. Time changes and ways of parenting does too. So, if your father hasn’t told you anything doesn’t mean your child has to experience the same thing.
  3. Treat men and women as equals. This way they won’t consider any sex inferior and will feel comfortable around everyone.
  4. Tell them about their body and teach them how privacy matters and what are the private body parts.
  5. Take your wife along all these discussions so that your child can bond with both of you without feeling uncomfortable.
  6. Tell them about body parts of other sex too so that they can understand and respect the choices and preferences of every person.
  7. Teach them about the taboo prevailing around sex, periods and condoms. Tell them it’s normal to talk about it.
  8. Teach them that there is a need of age and consent attached with few things and they should respect the decisions of their partners.
  9. Tell them that heterosexuality or homosexuality doesn’t demean people, but judgmental opinions do. Being homosexual is completely normal and it’s as natural as being a heterosexual. One should never impose what is not meant for them on themselves.
  10. Most importantly they must be taught about talking about their questions with their parents first so that they can get correct information comfortably.

So, jump up, tie up your shoes and start fresh with your parenting skills. Help your child learn information in an easy and healthy way. Answer their questions and be their friends whenever needed.

-By Mansi Pareek