Sex Education is important!

18 Aug 2018 #Sex Education

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As the topic indicates sex education is the study or instruction of issues relating to a sexuality of opposite sexes, about intercourse, puberty, changes that are going to happen to the body parts at puberty and many more.         

It is very commonly found that in Western countries about half of the youth population have their intercourse before they hit puberty which either leads to pregnancy or STDs that is sexually transmitted diseases. As they don't have prior knowledge about the changes that are going to happen in their bodies, they are just teenagers, hitting puberty and their hormones are all over the place. So to reduce such problems we need to be aware and also make such teenagers aware by giving them prior knowledge about it. Sex education has been made compulsory in secondary and high schools, so the students will be aware about the consequences and will take major steps and protection. As being in an open society even the parents give their children 'the talk' about it as a warning for their consequences and are supportive if something unthinkable happen. 

 Talking about Asian countries such as China, India and many such cultures here are different from western countries. These countries are conservative .Let's talk about our country India, only private institutions are place where sex education is taught to students to make them aware about the whole issues related to sexuality of opposite sex. But still there are 40-50 percent of the population who are still unaware about sex. Sex education is still a taboo, people don't want to talk much about it publically. But we should change our mind perception and should campaign about sex education so that people will start using protection which will help in avoiding unwanted pregnancy, STD's and controlling population of our country. Sex education is a major step for the betterment of the country's development as majority population of India is youth. Sex education will lead them to take steps which will prevent unwanted happenings as they will have prior knowledge about the sexual terms. Sex education is important, it's been proven time and time again. Every government should make it compulsory for students to have sex education incorporated into their schooling. It shouldn't be opt-in or opt-out but mandatory. It's our fundamental duty as a society to educate the next generation. Currently, we are failing.     


-By Neelima