Sexual Harassment

30 Dec 2019 #Abuse

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Do you know even you are also part of a sin if you are staying quite against sexual harassment? Men and women both can be victim of sexual harassment. Those victims of sexual harassment out all females and males who stayed quiet are equal part of the sin. Sexual harassment is just the starting and can turn filthier if you won’t raise the voice. Although, it’s really hard for both men and women to speak up, when men try to raise their voice against the bad work done to them they are afraid of being considered weak whereas when women try to reach help they are ignored or declared inferior.
Sexual harassment has destroyed too many lives. One who does sexual harassment may forget it but people who are sexually harassed never forget it and live with the trauma. Sexual harassment at workplace is very common. People don’t even speak anything because they are afraid of losing their job and therefore they never take any objection against it. Sexual harassment is not limited till work place. People harassing sexually do not even care whether they are in public or private place. The worst form of sexual harassment is when it is done by a family member or a close friend. It takes a lot of time to even recognise the sinner and believe it. The victims of sexual harassment feel depressed, become anxious and start avoiding any social meetings. Sometimes things even turn worse when someone who was sexually harassed once go so stressed and it affects that person’s subconscious so deeply that even they start harassing people sexually. Sexual harassment is not only limited to adults, students are also sexually harassed at school premises, coaching institutes and universities. Little kids who don’t even what is good and bad, they don’t even know what is actual happening to them. Brain sick people like paedophiles are among us only. They live with us and we can’t even recognise them. I don’t even understand what these people get after harassing a little innocent kid just because these people are sexually attracted to kids. Paedophiles really need some psychological treatment because they are mentally abnormally.
Why people do sexual harassment? Is it lack of education? No. If lack of basic education was the reason of sexual harassment than why students are sexually harassed at education premises? Actually, it happens due to lack of moral education. Parents should always look after their child’s moral education. They should teach children what is right and wrong. They should teach their children about good touch and bad touch.
Campaigns like #metoo have changed a lot of things in two years. Many females came forward, raised their voice and shared their traumas. Even males also shared their experiences through this ultimate movement but somewhere #metoo movement also became confined to specific gender women. But what about those who never came forward?
Don’t sit quite and speak up before it is too late.

-By Tanya Bhatnagar