Summer Camp in Satara

02 Jul 2018 #Kids

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We at Thatmate conducted a 6 days long summer workshop named UMANG - tales of a teen wherein 20 students were acquainted with the topics such as puberty, good touch - bad touch, abuse, body image, gender sensatisation and being assertive .

This initiative in the districts of Satara was organised in association with the spandan foundation aimed at opening new horizons for teenagers where Madhavi and Divya (Founder and co-founders of Thatmate) opened discourses into the issues that deal with the nuances of teenage.

The workshop came to an end with an engaging session especially for the parents of the kids, we thank psychologists Smriti Deshpande and Dr Shantanu Abhyankar for sparing their valuable time and giving an insight to the parents stressing on the importance of right parenting in this millennium.We also extend our gratitude towards Spandan foundation and hope to have more such collaborations and hope that these workshops will be organised in the future as well to strengthen the goal of ThatMate in providing a platform of discourse on such issues to bring more children under the umbrella and guide more and more parents as to how they can create a healthy environment for effective communication with their child. 

-By Pallak