06 Mar 2018 #Taboos

Assisted Reproductive Technology was good and effective tool for childless couple, who were unable to conceive or bear their own child. As, here the child born through this technique would be genetically attached to the biological parents. Most of the couples especially in India, don't want to go for adoption because it is a long legal process as well as time - consuming. Even in many families adoption is not considered as proper and hence not allowed. So for them, this technology is blessing. <p style="text-align: justify;">Now when we speak about surrogacy, no doubt this technique of medical science is very much useful for the families or couples for having their own child but along with it, has increased the problem of trafficking of women for becoming surrogate mother as well as egg donor.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Now the question is, whether the changes which are made in the ART Bill, 2016 for the protection of the surrogate mother as well as for the egg donor will actually help to combat this problem? The recent amended bill has brought question regarding the applicability of the ART in genuine cases especially the condition where only a relative can become the surrogate mother. This will be a difficult situation in genuine cases. It's true that commercialization has brought many problems like trafficking of women/girls for egg donation and surrogacy but it has also helped many poor women to earn some handsome amount for her family. There are many ways by which government can tackle the problem surrogacy trafficking. Like opening a centre where women who willingly want to become surrogate mother or egg donor can register their names.. With the help of this centre only women will be contacted by hospital authority no mediator or agent will come in between. The amount that a surrogate mother or an egg donor is entitled should be fixed by the government so that there would be transparency in terms of monetary transaction among the intended couples, hospital authority and the surrogate mother. This procedure can ensure that people take the benefit of this facility. Proper monitoring is required for this entire procedure. Government can't take such decisions which will make the entire procedure impossible. Little effort from Government can bring happiness in so many families. Even ICMR can also play an important role while dealing problem related to commercialization of surrogacy. Till now there is no prescribed dosage of synthetic hormone for egg removal process which is another loophole of the present Bill and the previous Bill. It is the duty of the ICMR to mention the prescribed dose of synthetic hormone which is used for egg removal.  Also, every egg removal process should be video recorded with full details of the donor. By doing this, trafficking of girls can be controlled and checked. I think these changes can help many couples, women in need to use this technique for their benefit. Hope Government will soon make changes in the present bill.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><em>Surrogacy Is a Boon and Not Bane if monitored properly by Government Agency as well as by us</em>…………Pyali Chatterjee</p>

-By ThatMate