The 5 Things Your Teen Wants To Know

04 May 2019 #Parenting

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Adolescence is the time when children start growing physically and mentally. We try to protect our kids from all the bad words and even try to keep them away from any kind of social or sexual abuse. But the important thing is to teach them. Teach them the difference of good touch and bad touch. Teach them about their body parts and about privacy. Adolescence is the right time to learn about things which they will encounter after they grow young and parents/home is right where this education shall begin.

Children are sometimes scared of asking sex related questions because of the havoc spread around the use of such words. They may be uncomfortable asking their parents and thus will look out to external sources which may or may not be the right thing. Hence it should be taken care of very properly that a child gets basic education at home first so that he/she can confide in parents. Be a Papa to your Pappu and teach them in a healthy way that taboo shouldn’t be tied around education. Take a step and tell them about different prospects of life so that they can be prepared for everything. Things your kids want to know:

  1. Masturbation: As dangerous as it may sound to some people, it is not a communicable disease and neither is it going to kill you. So, relax your nerves and understand it properly.
  • Masturbation is not a disease and it doesn’t cause blindness, hair fall or hair growth on palms.
  • Masturbation can’t damage your genitals. Like seriously, we aren’t hurting ourselves physically so relax it won’t cause any damage.
  • You will not go hell if you do it, unless you killed someone who does it.
  • It definitely can’t get you pregnant. It takes two people to have sex and sex may or may not lead to pregnancy.
  • You definitely will not run out of sperm if you do it.
  • Women also masturbate, and it’s okay to do so. One should know themselves and their needs.
  • Some doctors even say that masturbation in moderation is actually good for health.
  • A prevailing myth is that you feel weak after masturbating or that your strength reduces. It is as baseless as life without oxygen.
  1. Pregnancy: Hear the word and it will scare you enough to avoid sex. Let’s see what Pappu and Papa have got to say here.
  • First of all, let’s get this one thing straight. You can’t get pregnant by shaking hands, blowing kisses, actual kissing, saying ‘I Love You’ or by simply interacting with another human being.
  • You can’t get pregnant by eating certain medicines or food, unless you have sex.
  • You can get pregnant at any age after puberty. There is no well-defined age for it.
  • There are many ways of controlling pregnancy, like condoms, pills, etc.
  • Also, you won’t get pregnant if you use unisex/public toilets. It’s a myth.
  1. Condoms: Say the word and almost half of this entire world will judge you. A myth, a taboo, a pain in head. It is everything, but most of all, it is a savior.
  • Condoms are available at all medical and general stores. So, you can get it from anywhere easily.
  • You definitely don’t have to be 18 to ask for a condom, unless of course Government came to your house and asked you to not to touch it. But care should be taken as the consent of other partner and guidance from an adult should be taken before indulging in any such activity.
  • Condoms can also be bought by women because duhh, women have sex too (surprisingly true, isn’t it?).
  • It is not morally wrong to ask your partner to use a condom. It’s for your safety and theirs too.
  • Condoms do not hamper love making in any way.
  • Condoms are not the only way to avoid pregnancy, but are known to be among the safest. However, their success ratio is only 95-98%.
  • Condoms can also help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.
  1. Periods: Noooo..don’t go out, don’t say a word, don’t walk, don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t sit, don’t stand..I guess it’s pretty much don’t live. An event whose occurrence leaves a girl helpless and crying for days.
  • All women have periods, hence it’s not an exclusive club.
  • Women can do everything, literally everything that they want, with or without periods. They can walk, talk, run, sleep, work out and be a regular human being during periods too.
  • They can donate blood, touch and eat pickle during periods. It’s just a matter of choice.
  • Periods are not an illness or a disease and no-one can get STDs because of them.
  • Women can behave rationally during their periods. Their mind doesn’t ditch them while they’re menstruating.
  • Periods are absolutely involuntary; women do not have an on and off switch to control them.
  • If not for periods, we wouldn’t even be born. Hence, PERIOD.
  1. Homosexuality: What are you saying? It’s a crime. How can even say this word, it’s a dirty dirty word. So, let’s know bit more about this “so called dirty word”.
  • Homosexuality is not an illness, fashion trend or a result of ‘Western Culture’.
  • It is a form of sexual orientation that a person is born with. It doesn’t make you a criminal.
  • It is not something to be ‘treated’, just exactly like heterosexuality is not something to be ‘treated’.
  • It is also not something that be spread by touching or talking and hence, it is not communicable.
  • It is not a result of demonic possession but definitely people who thinks so maybe possessed.
  • Beyond heterosexuality and homosexuality, other forms of sexuality exist too. So’ don’t hinder your knowledge here only.

Unfortunately, in some places there are laws which that deem homosexuality illegal. But, luckily for us Indians, we have abolished that law successfully and are now celebrating as well as respecting love and preferences.

-By Mansi Pareek