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06 Mar 2018 #Sex Education

<p style="text-align:justify;"></p> Indian society has a lot of taboos floating around since ages entailing children, adults &amp; families. Sex education and menstruation have been one of them, maybe topping the list. It’s the most prevalent thing in this world and still not talked about openly. As a teenager, 9th class starts the basics of sex education via the ‘Chapter’ in Biology, all students are silent and ginning with teacher’s tone remaining constant throughout the week. All students are excited about this part and increase their knowledge via different sources (mostly internet and gossips). The situation is different for girls and boys. Boys have lesser problems as compared to girls. I feel girls have to face the society with all they go through and stand strong and do their daily chores irrespective of their problems, which they still can’t talk about. Talking about menstruation, girls have to go through that period every month, which is scary sometimes according to my point of view. I know this because one of my close friends one fine day, shared with me her emotions while going through and I can recall her restlessness, increased emotional sensitivity, lack of energy, irritable feelings and lots more. I can properly recall that line when I actually felt what was like to go through menstruation – It’s like when in an afternoon, a drop of sweat rolls down my spine, you can feel its every little movement and where it's going, this way imagine pouring down of lots of blood…….....shrills in the body. It’s like they wanna talk it all out but somehow can’t. But when they do, it relieves them. So, girls have lots of struggles every day in different ways, which everyone cannot understand. Apart from menstruation, sex education is not properly imparted to the people. This is a reason why in some sections of the society, women are downgraded and betrayed during their periods. Due to lack of proper knowledge, people usually adopt ways to explore it via the internet and other means, which may not guarantee their understanding. Finally at some point of life, everyone will experience in their life, so why not educate them beforehand? I feel a person does a particular thing surely if he/she is refused to access it, know about it and made felt like it’s a deep secret. That’s what is going on for quite a while. The result of this is searching on Wikipedia and various google searches finally after few years completes the process. Like foreign countries, people should be comfortable expressing and talking about the most natural habits of human beings and share it and learn. That’s when society will rise above petty things and grow and give freedom to women. Our responsibility as members of modern society is to pave the way for a changed mindset in the coming generations about sex education and menstruation to make every individual educated at the right time and an environment where they can discuss these topics without any hesitation. As a guy, it was a bit unusual writing this out. And I’m sure my friend will read this and feel awkward. Well, you shouldn’t. That’s all I have to say. Lavish Garg A petroleum Engineer by profession, an avid writer. I like to express my thoughts and try to inspire people from the words, to bring out a positive change.

-By ThatMate