The importance of talking openly to closed ones when puberty hits

28 Apr 2018 #Puberty

Puberty is the onset of sexual maturity, the time when the body becomes capable of reproduction. It happens between ages 10 and 14 for girls and ages 12 and 16 for boys. This is an extremely vulnerable age where children go through many emotional, physical and mental changes due to the eruptions of certain hormones in the body .

As someone in the later teens I can relate [even feel silly about] the kind of thoughts that would run across my mind when I first encountered this stage of my life. Being an extremely shy kid I could not dare talk to anyone [including my mum] regarding what I was feeling .This lead to false and stupid misconceptions such as a kiss leading to pregnancy, periods being an extremely painful phase, believing my mother turned ‘dirty’ and ‘weak’ once in a month, barred to touch the ‘pure’ areas of the house and more sillier stuff. Honestly, it was because of such myths that I never wanted to grow up, I was more than gleeful that I wasn’t getting periods, which my friends had got way before me, whereas I should’ve been anxious as to why I am not getting them. This is the kind of mystery that surrounds periods, the fear of getting stained and the embarrassment makes talking about such things to others all the more a strange task.

This is the ordeal that makes it vital for teenagers to talk to their closed ones as lack of efficient communication  can lead to children learning about physical and emotional changes from their peers , movies and internet, running an incredibly high chance of being misinformed. As children hitting puberty are vulnerable to exploitation  by others, henceforth it is only elders especially teachers and parents who can be the ultimate go-to guides to understand the fundamental changes that puberty brings in.

Lack of proper knowledge is the reason ‘some’ people take undue advantage of the innocent teens in the garb of ‘playing’ or ‘making them feel better’. They cast their evil eyes upon children  by physically assaulting, sodomising and even raping them. These experiences can traumatize a person and leave an indelible imprint on a child.

The #metoo campaign is an explicit example of how even rational adults and people of a status quo attempt molestation on others. If this is the case with adults then what happens with small kids is a dark reality who might even fail to understand [forget telling others] what had happened to them.

We’ve have managed to give ‘period talks’ in some pockets of our country in schools. But it sends chills down my spine when I try to imagine the plight of girls who are compelled to drop out of school. For these underprivileged girls growing up might be the wildest nightmares of their lives.

Approaching the elderly is the only way teens can solve their issues dexterously. Simultaneously parents should be gentle to their queries rather than brushing aside their doubts.

We should not rely on ‘self-learning’ or believing that they might get acquainted with puberty changes all by themselves or after they get married [what’s the point]. Improper knowledge can lead to them falling prey to temptations and crimes, risking not only theirs life but life of others as well . Bbehind a misinformed youth, there are people who failed to answer the questions put by him to the society. Let’s teach children to be comfortable in their own skin and accept their physical selves as they are while encouraging them to see physical and emotional changes as a normal part of growing up.

-By Pallak