World Population Day

12 Jul 2019 #Taboos


It is a Sanskrit phrase which means that the world is one family. And hence it’s our duty to know about our family and the issues it is facing.

The world originated nearly 14 billion years ago and this then the expansion and extinction of different species have been going on continuously. We, humans, have called to be the best-evolved species and thus our population kept on increasing.

Excess of everything is harmful. People in the late 80s observed that the increasing population is causing damage to our planet earth in many ways. Forests started depleting, marine life was disturbed. On economic levels, excess of population resulted in a lack of resources such as jobs, GDP, etc. Hence to spread awareness about population, United Nations in 1989 came up with the World Population Day to mark it as a reminder to us of Global Population issues. Every year 11th July is celebrated as World Population Day.

World Population Day also aims at increasing people’s awareness at various issues like human rights, gender equality, maternal health, and poverty. This day was suggested by Dr. K.C. Zachariah of the World Bank when the world population crossed the mark of 5 billion.

We recently crossed the mark of 7.7 billion world population in April 2019 and are projected to reach about 10 billion in 2050.

With such a global crisis, we need to the implant of saving our planet and its population from damages that are expected to be caused by overpopulation. And hence we all should participate in creating awareness.

Our planet has been a green and blue planet, let’s come together to save it and its people.

-By Manasi Pareek