What happens in Classroom, stays in Classroom..!!

31 Jul 2019 #Parenting

It was Monday morning and Prof. Sharma got his termination letter just after reaching the school. When the Principal called in his office, there were a group of parents who seemed furious over the school administration. He was asked to leave the school immediately because of pressure from higher authorities. Prof. Sharma. A 27-year-old young man, who had joined school recently, had become one of the most famous teachers in the student circle. He was known for his inventive techniques to let the students learn the basics of any concept. May it be Sanskrit, History or even Mathematics; Prof. Sharma always had full attendance in his lectures. Actually, his termination was shocking for everyone.

Parents’ aggressive faces were showing what must have had happened in their houses during the weekends. They were severely grilled by children with the questions related to sex education. A part of termination letter read as follows: “On 24th of June 2016, while teaching the subject of Sex Education in the class 9th A, you have been found guilty of conducting non-acceptable teaching techniques. The information you shared with the students made them ask their parents questions which were uncomfortable to answer. The school authority will not tolerate this misconduct and your duty has been terminated henceforth.” Unfortunately, Prof. Sharma could not even get a chance to explain his side. He was asked to give written explanation about his behavior which when submitted, no one even bothered to read.

A month later, it was found by the peon in the dustbin which read:

"To, All the Knowledgeable Responsible Parents, We, the older generation are responsible for what the kids watch, read and listen and how they imply it in their behavior. I feel it is our duty to let the kids know what they will eventually learn through the internet and other sources. At first, when I was asked to teach a sensitive subject like Sex Education, even I was in dilemma what to speak and what should remain behind the curtains. I went through dependable online resources, collected some material which would help students understand the real science behind reproduction system. Before I apologize for what I have done, I would like to narrate my version of what happened in the classroom that day."

"24th June. 2016. When I entered the classroom, the classroom went into a pin drop silence zone. It has always been a mammoth task to make these kids keep quite. I was aware that the students already knew most of the things. My job was to make them comfortable, to open up, discuss and get knowledge about the things which they will not get through watching porn films or any other unworthy source. It was shocking that most of the boys were not aware of sanitary napkins. Girls were not aware of what care they should take to maintain hygiene during their periods. When the subject came to protection, ‘condom’ word brought giggles on their faces. I was not sure if they know about it or not. It was a high possibility that they were not willing to talk about it. But believe me, they would never get the proper knowledge if we fail it to make it sure they get it NOW. It is better they get the required lessons before they get out of the shell. Sex education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. Sex education is also about developing young people's skills so that they make informed choices about their behaviour, and feel confident and competent about acting on these choices."We have to decide what their plates will have: Porn films or technical education. It is NOW or NEVER….!!!

Yours faithfully,

Prof. L. K. Sharma

-By ThatMate