28 Apr 2018 #LGBT

“The single best thing about coming out of the closet is that nobody can insult you by telling you what you’ve just told them’ - Rachel Anne Maddow, an American radio personality, television host, and political commentator. Maddow is the first openly gay anchor to be hired to host a prime time news program in the United States. As for children also, coming out of personal and societal  inhibitions is prominent as it is the first step which is the most difficult, but once you  gain  the courage to tell the world what you’re and what you wish to be , then you feel empowered and nobody can take that self –expression away from you.

A life full of low self esteem, shame and fear is what nobody can live with. The implications of this can be devastating. People often lose their identity  because some desires ought to be fulfilled and in the dilemma of fearing public shame and accepting physical and psychological needs a person falls prey to the mental trauma that such exposure brings in.

So what is the best that a person can do to save him/herself from this feeling of self consciousness? Venting out emotions and sharing of personal feelings with friends, family or simply with anyone who can comfort oneself can go a long way in establishing clarity of thought.  It is only the opinion of the ones who care for you that should matter. As only they can see where your happiness lies. There are thousands of ‘pseudo-concerned’ beings craving to make you feel less of yourself but they should be ignored. Life is too small to live suppressed and ashamed of oneself, it is only when you posses enough courage to speak out what you are, you will find that you’re not alone.

In a nutshell, empowerment and self expression go hand in hand, once you express your true self, you will become empowered to take charge of your life . Nobody can hinder your path to self realization. Somebody has to leave such footprints which works as a channelizing force for others to follow and relate to.  As a student , I am enthralled by the number of protests, nukkad nataks , stage acts undertaken by students, LGBTQ activists , NGO’s fighting to oppose the horrendous and inhumane ruling in the constitution which criminalizes gay intimacy terming it as ‘unnatural’.

It is absurd to how some people in charge of the nation’s overall betterment decide what’s NATURAL to someone else. Something which might b e natural to me might not be natural to others and vice – versa. It is the wisest judiciary who should ponder over the individuality of such oppressed ones and give them a chance to rise above their sexuality .

Let’s not categorize people in groups and tag them as a separate community , it is the day when we stop referring to a certain group of people as LGBTQ or as a minority in the society, will we be able to establish an egalitarian regime of equally empowered people identified as nothing but as humans having the right to live with dignity.

For someone has starkly remarked that being in a closet does have a benefit, it provides safety. But remember, as long as you are in there, two things will be there too .FEAR and SHAME. Period.

-By Pallak