Women , Speak up!!

31 Jul 2019 #Abuse

Do you think as a country we are actually free? Do you think woman are actually free to do what they want to? Wear what they want to and roam around late in the night with whom they want to? You guessed it right; the answer to all these questions still remains a big “No”. How much ever we say India is a great independent country, there will still be thoughts about, the day someone touched a woman inappropriately in public, the day some aunty in the building commented on the length of our skirt, the day where every passer by judged them because there was a mark of blood on their school uniform. What is the point of such freedom where women constantly live in a fear of what others will think about us?

NO!! It’s not just only two letters but it’s a complete denial to the act. No means no and one should not force any woman against her will. Pink tries to convey a message to the society that a woman who wears modern dress or consumes alcohol or is friendly doesn’t imply that she is a of a questionable character. The plot of the movie can be related to any independent woman who likes to enjoy her life but some people misunderstand this as a sign that she is too open minded and can easily get into her pants. How ironic it is! The woman outside our house becomes an object of pleasure to comment shamelessly or perform acts such as eve teasing or even rape. Why we forget that the victim of our act can be a mother, daughter, wife or sister of someone? Why we forget that every woman deserves the respect and gratitude?

In the movie a girl was being forced by a man for sexual act without her consent, in order to protect herself she hits a beer bottle on his head and flees away. Later the girl and her friends were mentally tortured and arrested in the charge of attempt to murder and prostitution. The girl Meenal rightly says in the court room that who likes to be groped or touched inappropriately if he does gain I will again hit the bottle on his head. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who plays an advocate sarcastically, pointed out the ill and feudal thinking of our male dominated society. In his last dialogue he literally moved the entire crowd and gave a strong message to the society<strong>: We have to teach our sons that No.. Means No, whether she is a girlfriend.. Wife or a Sex Worker!!   Women should take lesson from this movie that anyone who tries to force himself against your will must be taught a severe lesson so that in future he never repeats that crime. Also, Indian Penal Code section 100 gives power to women to severely injure the person who is trying to assault you.

Always remember; clothes, drinking habits and friendliness can never be a criteria to judge the character of someone, it’s all in our mind. Women have equal rights to enjoy their lives as we do. So let’s try make the environment of our society safe and friendly, so that women can enjoy their lives without any fear and without being judged.One can only dream of a day where a woman can wear whatever they want and roam around wherever they want, marry whoever they want and fall in love happily. 

-By ThatMate