Myths behind those days of the month!!


As soon as a girl reaches puberty she is introduced to the world of myths about Periods. I have come across most of the myths myself which has always left me shocked, has made me laugh and sometimes even ridicule the society for having such misconceptions.

I can’t forget one such incidence when on of my educated cousin asked me not to touch the pickle bottle because I was menstruating. Till date, she and most of my family members religiously follow this ridiculous myth. A few weird – hilarious myths we come across at some point in our life.

One must rest completely in ‘those days’ of the month- I agree a bit on the take rest part, but also believe that exercise in any form would be great to help reduce the cramps. It totally depends on the person and the level of fitness she has.
Cannot enter the room while a person is reading the Holy book – I was at my friend’s place and happened to see my friends’ mom in the room reading a book (which happened to be the Holy book). I went into the room to greet her, instead of asking me how am I doing, she asked me I hope you do not have your periods, else I will need to bathe and start reading the book from the beginning. Seriously!
Cannot enter the church/temple/mosque or any other form of the ‘House of God’- If this was the wish of God, maybe he shouldn’t have created us as well. By having periods I agree to a point there’s blood-unclean blood flowing, but that doesn’t make us unclean spiritually/physically. It is a natural phenomenon and helps a woman to bear a child so it definitely can’t be impure. If God disapproves of this fluid then he should disapprove of all the fluids in the human body.
Cannot eat certain fruits during periods- Someone once told me about not eating papayas during their periods. (HAHA). I still haven’t understood the scientific reason for the same. Kindly let me know if you find it 😛
Cannot swim during your periods-If that’s true then I fail to understand how the women athletes manage? Do they retire for 5- 6 days in a month? or may be they don’t get periods at all. LOL
Missing your period means you ARE pregnant- This is not the only reason for a woman to miss her periods. Can also be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, weight issues, eating habits, stress, workload, certain contraceptives etc.
You should NOT have sex during periods- Might be a little messy but I do not see any other problem with it. And finally, it is up to the man and the woman :).
Woman having periods are MOODY at all times: This can be right for some women, but the temperament cannot be blamed due to ‘periods’. There can be other negative things also happening in the women’s life- marital issues, exams around the corner, job stress, job interview, ‘some’ competition, office politics etc – any of these things can cause a person to behave moody at any time and hour. Well as a matter of fact- all the above-mentioned points can also affect a man. So what does that mean then ? 🙂
Cannot cook and serve people food if you are having your periods- (This is the best one of the lot. Especially for a person who hates cooking/is lazy). It is considered that having period makes you unclean, hence the food you cook is ‘polluted’ and ‘impure’. So unclean food cannot be served to the people of the house. 😀 Wow, so women who don’t like to cook can take rest and chill!
In villages, you are considered an untouchable !!- (Shocking) Sometimes women are asked to stay in a secluded room and aren’t served proper food and are barred from entering the kitchen and other rooms in the house. Can one imagine being treated aloof by their own family? 🙁
I wish instead of telling us what not to do or what to avoid during the periods our elders tell us that it’s a natural process and happens to everyone with XX chromosomes. It is the thing that makes a girl different from those having XY chromosomes. It gives a woman the power to bear a child. It makes a girl a woman!!

Ann John


A Petroleum Engineer by profession, lately on a long vacation. #A nomad -traveler  #14 countries in 16 months.Currently learning #Dutch and discovering my cooking skills #A passionate foodie #an occasional fitness freak :P.


2 thoughts on “Myths behind those days of the month!!

  1. Dear Ann,
    Well! read your post, liked your style of writing. Here would not touch the religion related point but would really want to share what I felt on certain of your points:
    1. Well I personally feel swimming during those days is quite unhygienic. Not also preferable for the person who is having periods. Swimmers as far as I know also take rest during those days and during any competetion…..They take pills to postpone the time probably.
    2. For not eating certain fruits……If we go thru Ayurveda which is actually our medical science, our body shows unacceptance to certain foods at certain time. Since papaya is considered as of usna (hot) prakriti…..It might be forbidden during periods. Papaya….as I have heard is also forbidden for pregnant women for the same reason.
    3. Resting is advised as you being a girl must have experienced fatigueness and felt lethargy during those times. Cramps are common symptoms. I myself suffer from severe headache during those time and resting is required so that the pain do not aggrevates. But it doesn’t mean that we have to sit back at home. Working women come out nowadays and actively do their daily chores. I also attend meetings during those days and do not avoid them only because I am in periods.
    4. Sex – Hahaha….definitely this is something to be left to the female and her partner.
    5. Cooking is not allowed – Dear, if you happen to talk to your gandma and great grandma and know their routine….you will understand why these 3 days or 2 days were declared as a sort of holiday for them. It was a practise which people started relating to religion.
    Well Ann……nice reading your blog and
    Happy Writing 😊
    Vineeta Pareek

    1. Thanks Vineeta.
      Thats true it used to give women vacation..however that isn’t taken as vacations these days it has been extrapolated to isolation ..which is really sad.

      Thanks for reading and we really like to receive your views, keep reading!

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