Good Touch, Bad Touch

A quite (in)sensitive world we live in, which makes it imperative to foster a healthy mind-set in the budding minds. With the increasing malicious and damaging nature of people or specifically men, crime rate is rising exponentially. Common victims for the offenders are children, old people who can’t thwart and women who can be overpowered (in terms of strength) (no intention of discrimination). Toddler cases have been upsurging lately with daily reports of sexual harassment and child rapes in various cities. This serves as an impetus for the society for the rapid changes to be brought in the upbringing of the next generation kids.

Generally, people aren’t aware what needs to be done when they become parents. Whatever knowledge new parents have is from their previous generation. I feel too young to comment on “Parenting”. Still, after a thorough research on the internet, the best practices to be adopted should be in the following lines:-

  • Making them aware about their body at a young age (2 years old).
  • Teaching them basic anatomy.
  • While bathing them, rule should be – no one touches their private parts covered by undergarments.
  • Fathers should avoid bathing their daughters around the age of 8-10.
  • Making them realize you are always there to listen to any problems they’ll face, thus nurturing candid relationship.
  • Inculcate the right to say ‘no’ if they are uncomfortable about any bad touches.
  • Good touch – hugs and kisses from mommy, father, grandparents.
  • Bad Touches – holding tightly, kissing on the lips and touching the private parts, taking them to the washroom without parental guidance.

Note – Children should know that even relatives can fall in any category, so it’s better to communicate. Also, you need to educate them time to time, it’s a continuous process.

While you practice these regular habits as your child is growing up, until he/she is older than 5 years of age, more specific habits could be –

  • Making them believe they are the soul owners of their body
  • Quite famous ‘Swimsuit Rule’- whatever is covered by a swim suit is private and no one is allowed to touch that.
  • Teaching these safety habits
    1. Do not touch other person’s private body parts and vice versa.
    2. Do not allow any person to take your clothes off or click pictures/videos.
    3. Do not see naked photos/videos.
    4. Say no/Call for help/scream/run away fast from the place of bad touches.
    5. Always share these with parents and trusted adults.
    6. Parents should avoid changing clothes in front of the kids.

This outlays some basic habits to be followed. Its delivery depends upon your communication with your child. Happy Parenting

Lavish Garg

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