Another incident of Child Abuse

17th August, 2016,

On my way back to Dhanbad from Kolkata, I happened to travel in general class, which was packed with people. The reason could be of Raksha Bandhan, a festival where the brother shows love for his sister and pledges to protect her. As the Durgapur station approached  I noticed something unusual.
A family with a mother and her four kids (3 boys and 1 girl) were on board. They somehow, caught my attention. The elder boy who was around 15-16 yrs of age was  was more inclined towards his younger sister and wasn’t paying attention towards other kids. Every move he made was to grab her face or to kiss her lips, sooner he started repeating it.  The girl child who was about 6-7 years old was trying to resist him, but failed to do so.



Most of the people ignored the act, and those who noticed considered it as child’s play.   This young boy made a possible reach to his genitals and was trying to seek pleasure irrespective of the resistance, which gave a gist of his intentions. I didn’t understand whether the mother was ignoring it or didn’t want to admit the act. Lately I realised that she possibly didn’t understand that it was an abuse.
I wanted to raise my voice against it but, was scared of the crowd. I wasn’t sure about the public’s reaction . This incident made me think of several questions. Was this happening for the first time? If yes, what would happen to that little girl in future getting abused by her own elder brother? What about the thought running at this tender age? How was he misled? How come no one from the family ever noticed such act? If this is just the case of one family, could be a similar cases of other families? Can such things encourage small underage boys to do heinous acts such as rape? What is the solution? I kept thinking, I should have raised my voice, told the mother, but I didn’t. I just didn’t. What you would have done in such situation?

One thing is for sure charity begins at home but crime too!!



Kevin Lodha, M.Tech-Petroleum Engg.

IIT (ISM) Dhanbad.

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