Opinion on recent rape case in Nagpur



Occurrence of such incidents is highly unfortunate and again highlights the need of sexuality education in children and adolescents. Sexuality education provides awareness and knowledge about one’s sexual orientation,sexual pleasure,moral values,decision making and most importantly  appropriate sexual behaviors.
Along with school authorities and counselors,parents should participate in the formal sexuality education. Parents through simple, regular communication with their children, should increase awareness about puberty,sexual fantasies,moralities, sexual values etc. Most importantly being watchful about their exposure to the explicit material through internet and media can help track their deviant behavior early. Providing healthy,friendly home environment with inoculation of family values to respect others,abstinence from aggression hold primary importance.

Also, teaching children about good touch and bad touch,making choices and reporting  untoward incidences can empower them to safeguard themselves from such untoward advances.


Dr. Shubhangi Dere (Psychiatrist)

Kharghar-Navi Mumbai

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