#TrumpTheTaboo By Sourabh Gupta

We men really know little about Periods. I would like to tell the male fraternity that it’s time to stop seeing Period as a taboo. It’s a natural bodily process that a woman goes through every month. Yes, you may have to face the mood swings that your mother, sister, girlfriend or wife goes through. However, if we understand that it will happen once in a month and not to every woman we can face it too.

I have no issues going to a store to pick up the menstrual supplies. I never understood the reason behind the issues society has with menstruation. I remember as a kid my mother used to change the channel when a sanitary ad would pop up. I never had that audacity to ask her reason behind the channel switch.When I was in class 7 I got to know about periods from my friends, though it wasn’t scientifically explained. However, I understood that the color of the liquid shown in the advertisement was wrong.

Let me just quickly share an experience with you guys:

My ex asked me to get sanitary pads when I was on my way to meet her. I had never gone to a pharmacist to ask for a sanitary pad. I was a little hesitant, however I thought every adult woman goes through it so I shouldn’t be hesitant. So, I went to a medical shop and asked the pharmacist for a packet of sanitary pad, he started staring at me as if I had committed a crime and there were two things which happened that I can never forget

An old person on my left said “Look at this new generation, how shameless they are!”. I still have new clue why he said that

That pharmacist said no to me because he didn’t have a black paper or an old newspaper to cover the packet. (I didn’t care and I purchased it without any cover)

However, I couldn’t stop but wonder the reason behind this taboo. Every adult is aware of sanitary pads and menstruation then why still it’s a taboo.

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