Women, freedom and consent

Do you think as a woman we are actually free to do what we want to? Wear what we want to and roam around late in the night with whom we want to? You guessed it right; the answer to all these questions still remains a big NO.  How much ever we say India is a great country, there will still be thoughts about, the day someone touched us inappropriately in public, the day some aunty in the building commented on the length of our skirt, the day where every passer by judged us because there was a mark of blood on our school uniform. What is the point of such freedom where we constantly live in a fear of what others will think about us?

Women are always taught to be perfect. To look perfect, to dress perfect, to cook perfect because people are always judging us. Why our parents never tell us to do what we want to? Why our parents don’t tell us to not to care about the society? Why our parents don’t tell to raise our voices when something is wrong? Why our parents don’t tell to follow our choices as it’s our life?


Today, read a letter by Mr. Amitach Bachchan to his granddaughters. He tells them because they are females they will have all sort of boundaries on them like Don’t come late, don’t wear that short skirt, don’t laugh loudly, try to get in shape, try to be perfect. He adds don’t budge to their demands so what you will like to do.In a country like ours one can only dream of a day where one can wear whatever they want and roam around wherever they want, marry whoever they want, whenever they want and fall in love happily. I don’t know when women will learn to say NO. Say no to things which we feel are wrong especially when it is about sexual consent.

The video published by Agents of Ishq talks about the yes, no and may be of consent. In India when marital rape isn’t considered a crime, this video on consent tells us how it can be. It emphasizes on some men tend to misunderstand their women’s mind. They think walking home with her men’s she is interested to have sex with him, which is totally wrong. The video tells that even women aren’t always sure what they want.

The “Amorous Adventures of Shakku and Megha in the valley of consent” is a witty and humorous way to educate people about consent. Through the Maharashtrian sensual folk dance Lavani it tries to take us through the difficult terrain of consent. The video shows both Megha and Shakku both Dressed in nauvari sarees a naughty smile and biting lips amorously, they explain the simplicity of saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in a eight minutes dance number. With dialogues between Megha and Shaaku like “Do you think consent is like hard cash? You can’t hold it in your hand and see it. You have to sense it.” Megha and Shakku try to explain that if the guy understands your point of consent then he is your real HERO, otherwise he is Zero! This Lavani will definitely have an unforgettable impression on your mind

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