Have a happy sustainable period!!

‘Have a happy sustainable period’, Shipra waived to her new customers in valediction while they walked away. This immediately drew my attention as I was browsing through the irresistible raw silk sarees in the adjacent stall. ‘Eco-femme’ read her stall name. ‘Hmm, that’s interesting…’, I thought to myself and walked over.
To my surprise, there were no fancy bundles of silk and cotton or beautiful jhumkas on display; just an unassuming array of cloth pads in different colours, one silicone menstrual cup on the side and an enthusiastic woman at the counter. ‘Hey there, would you be interested in joining us in a positive healthy menstrual revolution?’, she asked. ‘Absolutely, but what are these?’
Eco-femme is a women-led social enterprise based out of Auroville and one of its initiatives is making cloth-pads. Over the last few years, non-biodegradable sanitary waste has been a big concern that’s got the world looking for solutions. So, how do we deal with this?

Pads and tampons are marketed for hygiene and comfort but come with a huge price to pay It takes 500-800 years for a disposable to decompose. Not only do they pose risks to our skin but also to the environment. The plastics and components disposable products present huge waste management challenges around the world.
Cloth-pads is one solution. Traditionally, women all over the world have used a cloth to handle their monthly menstrual flow. Cloth washable pads are safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable menstrual products. They are made of cotton flannel and do not contact the skin with any plastics. This eliminates the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous substances. All that you have to do is wash them well, dry in direct sunlight and store them properly. They can be reusable for over 3 years. Eco-femme promotes sustainable menstrual practices for girl children in India by providing them with menstrual hygiene learning and free cloth pads. When you buy a cloth pad, you empower women who’ve made them become self-reliant and support families. Read more about them at https://www.facebook.com/ecofemmeindia.Cloth pads do good to your skin, to the society, and to the environment. Make your switch, now!


Vandhana Krishnamurthy

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