Nightfall is generally a matter of concern in teenage but it can happen at any age. Spots on undergarments due to nightfall generally become a source of embarrassment. But it is not a big problem or something to be ashamed of as almost everybody experiences it once in their lifetime.

Nightfall is also termed as nocturnal emission. It is generally considered that only males get it but it is also very common in females. Yes, females do get nightfall or wet dreams. Nightfall is the emission of semen in males during sleep. And in case of females the clitoris is enlarged to ejaculate or we can say it is the lubrication of vagina in sleep. Males and females both may get erotic dreams during sleep and ejaculation of semen or wetness of the vagina is a usual outcome of sexual arousal. So, where is the problem? What makes nightfall a case of embarrassment? Answer lies in the fact that nightfall is normal and harmless till it doesn’t reoccur often, like some times in a month but it becomes a problem if the frequency is higher.

There are so many who indulge in the thoughts of lovemaking activities. Such thoughts can become one of the many reasons for nightfall. Habit of smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol not only damages body organs, but also weakens our nervous system. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the many nightfall causes. It is essential to give up such habits for timely treatment of nocturnal emissions.

But it also benefits the body in numerous ways, for men reproductive system ejaculates seminal fluid at night to prevent accumulation of seminal fluid in reproductive organ. This process helps in the formation of new healthy seminal fluid and in females it reduces the dryness of the vagina and maintains it at an adequate pH. By ejaculating fluids at night, the reproductive system improves efficiency of organs hence it improves our metabolism. But there is always a thin line between less to excess.  Excessive nightfall is often a sign of decrease in the efficient functioning of organs, infertility, loss of libido, weakening of nerves and many more sexual health disorders.

If it is more frequent, then this problem should be discussed openly and if necessary approaching a doctor in cases where things have seemed to gone out of hands.

By Anurag Ray.

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