Sterilization in men and family welfare!

Sterilization of men is ideal for the over all well being of a family. We have a common misconception that family planning needs sterilization of women while sterilization in men is considered as a blasphemy. Politicians and influential people tend to stay away from this topic due to the media surrounding the botched sterilization camps which ran during the 1970’s emergency.


 Scientifically speaking, sterilization in men is a simpler procedure compared to sterilization in women. There are new advancements in the operation procedure for male sterilization, which is quick and easy. These new procedures do not require any admission to a clinic or hospital. They do not have any negative impact on the physical or sexual abilities of the person. The procedure requires the person to be subjected to local anesthesia, avoiding the drawbacks of putting a person under general anesthesia. The procedure requires only a small piercing in the testicular region avoiding any chances of intestinal or urinary bladder infections.


Sterilization operations in females, even the most advanced ones, have all the drawbacks which can be avoided in sterilization operations in males. This fact is overlooked most of the times by the society.
There are misgivings among few that sterilization has a negative impact on the physical abilities of a male. We cannot ignore these people by labeling them as disillusioned. We need to have a proper exchange of ideas from both sides and clear any qualms or queries related to this topic.


Traditionally, we have always been taught of men symbolizing strength, and of women symbolizing patience. However, we should understand that physical work, giving birth and sexual pleasure are three different and independent entities. To perform physical labor you need to have a fit body, sexual abilities do not have any impact on these.


For having a child it is required to have a healthy sperm and sexual intercourse. It does not require a man to be a bodybuilder. There are examples of men who are physically fit, serving in the army or a champion in some sport, but still have difficulties conceiving. There is no relation between physical strength and creation of healthy sperm.


That is why, undergoing sterilization  does not reduce physical or sexual abilities of a man. It does not have an impact on sexual intercourse. The person can have the same pleasures after the operation as he did prior to it. He can still produce semen as it is a mixture of sperm and other bodily fluids. After the sterilization procedure the semen does not contain sperm, but it still has other components. There is no impact on sexual desires and the procedure does not cause erectile dysfunction.


                                                                                                                                  By- Voodoo Child!!


Surprisingly enough, many women oppose sterilization in men. There have been cases where men, ready to undergo the operation, are being discouraged by their wives. If nature has bestowed upon women the task of birthing a child, then can we not at least put the responsibility of not conceiving a child on men? Unfortunately due to our patriarchal society, men whose wives are suffering from heart conditions or similar other diseases, are not ready to undergo the procedure.


 Women undergo severe stress, both mental and physical from  childbirth, abortion etc. They have to bear the risks of sedation, operation procedures to get themselves sterilized. If a man truly loves his wife, then he should prefer to undergo the procedure himself. This might be the 21st century way of expressing love. There is a new category of men termed as “metro sexual” who are self conscious, fashionable,  help out their wives in all chores and duties. It might be archaic to call these men as husbands. These men are involved in all homely duties, they even set aside their “manhood” and cry. At least men like these should undergo sterilization to hold up the flag for manhood.


Government, doctors and NGOs should enlighten the masses regarding this topic because sterilization in men is the best solution for family planning & welfare.

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