Are we even living if we are not on Social Media?

There is a lot of debate about whether social media is good or bad or is a grey area and depends on individual to individual. Many have come up with mixed reviews about it. Some feel it is a good way to stay connected to the people you know or re-connect with the people you have lost touch with. Some feel too much of it is really bad for one’s mental health and this constant need to do better than others brings with itself a lot of negativity.


When the social media craze started initially it was all about re-connecting to people you had lost touch with, living some of the old memories and remembering the good old times. But as time passed something changed, the attention shifted from making friends and talking to them to this urge of constantly seeing what others are up to, posting about lives private details. Be it the vacation pictures, marriage pictures to any new thing which one has bought recently. It all has started to look more like a race to where people are traveling to next or what are they buying. What this has done in general has increased the unhappiness level. That’s why I said it’s a grey area. There is nothing wrong in posting about all the good things in your life or the happy events but human tendency is to compare. This has led to an era of FOMO aka fear of missing out. If a person is not traveling somewhere and posting about it, is that person even living? 


People used to travel in the olden days when there was no social media but they never posted about it anywhere. They led a happier and far simpler lives than what people are living now. Everytime, I open Instagram or Facebook and I see the posts of people doing cool things and I want to do them too. Also, the fancy pictures and landscapes makes us addicted to these apps. I remember sitting with my entire family for dinner with my phone in one hand and clicking pictures of what I am eating and posting it in that moment itself. I understand that one needs to get with the times but where are we rushing to? In that moment, I forgot to talk to my family or even enjoy the meal. All that mattered was the approval of outsiders to look at my picture and like it. You see my point here, we want to bring outsiders into our inside world, while keeping aside the relationships and friendships we share with the ones already around us. We have forgotten to live in the moment because of social media, we have forgotten to hold on to memories.


Like any other addiction alcohol or drugs, people are coming up with social media de-addiction programs. The problem here is social media if used the right way is a great way to spread awareness, connect with like minded people and lead a better life. The only thing which needs to change is this constant need to keep up with everyone and everything around us. We need to detangle ourselves from this cycle of comparing our lives and constantly checking what others are upto and feeling less of our lives and ourselves. Every person is going through good and bad times, it’s all in how one puts it out there. We need to de-addict ourselves from the constant need to stay on top of others and get positively involved with social media to make an impact on society. 

By Shruti L.

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