Is Social Media the actual ruler of our life?

Yes Bro, joining group in a minute. We will get chicken dinner today.”

“Noooo way, only 1000 views that Megha got 2000. I need to do best video next time.”

“When you visited Goa, we were together last week but your post says you were in Goa.”

“Ohhh…. I’m in a relationship…. #Couplegoals….” “Shut up, I’m angry at you. You brought Kitkat, I want Silk. I just wanted to show my ex that I’m happy without him.”

These are normal dialogues, right? What you are thinking? Again someone talking on social media?? Of course we need to think about this. You are uploading your photos, videos and status to tell everyone about your life. But have you thought about their thoughts. Are they happy for you or jealous about you??  There is comparison about your life and the lives of others who are different and not like you. Just because you are using one platform, will that make you equal? Posts you are sharing are somewhere you are leading to breaching private data of your own life. 

Seriously speaking my social media accounts are filled with statuses of my friends’ (virtual friends)  about enjoying their winter vacations or planning for new year or christmas celebration and here I’m upset as I don’t have any plans and thinking others life is more happening than me. Who is ruling my life? Me? Friends? Or media?

Now, what we can do? Limit your screen time… Is it possible? Yes of course… Just keep that mobile aside. Stay away from the posts which are making you conscious about yourself. Media is invented to stay connected not to showcase your personal and private life. This will not happen overnight. Let’s start with baby steps. Set your limits follow it & reward yourself if you are able to follow your limits. Engage yourself in leisure activity (Please no virtual games). Live your life fullest without filters…

And last but not least shout out ‘MY LIFE…. MY RULES….’

 By Shivani Remje

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