Mental Health Day

“The worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.”

Welcome to reality everyone!

Joker has been an iconic impersonation of a villain who loses from our favourite Batman. But guess what, there’s a slight and a drastic heart-wrenching story to that villain which has made him an authentic and most loved person EVER.

With the recent release of Joker and the coincidence of having mental health day in the same month, we were compelled by our conscience to come up to bring you a disorder which is still untraceable.

With such great connection among people all over the planet, we still face the issue of expressing ourselves to our own community. Why this difference? When will it end? Will it even ever end?

We live in a society where faking a smile is a beautiful and hiding tears is necessity.

Joker has somehow made us all realise how we treat our own people, knowingly or unknowingly! If we empathise with the man behind the mask, we will experience a harsh society who mocks him, taunts him and demeans him, just for being himself.

It’s high time we understand the unspoken words, see the unseen emotions and help people live a mentally healthy life.

Today it was just THE JOKER, tomorrow it might be YOU.

Don’t let that happen to anybody or to you. Lift yourself up and create the world where joker doesn’t have to wear the mask hiding his feelings.

By Mansi Pareek

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