PARENTS: The Ocean Of Love

Parents, the sparkle oflight in darkness and the hope amidst the downfall. Parents have not just given us birth but has been a pillar of strength throughout out life. Even if they aren’t physically present, they are there to bring us happiness in every way possible.

Depression is a wreck that breaks a person from inside, slowly but deeply. It is the state where a person feels the urge to talk to someone who treats them with love and shower on them the care they need.

In this  scary state of depression, the first place a heart looks for is its own home, own parents and family. Parents become the escape from all the problems for them.

It is hence more than a responsibility for the parents to understand the needs of a child and foster them the support they are looking for.

Childhood is the age of exploration and fun. A child not just experiences happiness but also sadness, competition and anger in many forms. It is thus necessary to watch out to their company, likes and dislikes so that they can be moulded in a direction where there is healthy growth and happy learning.

Just like people want success, they also need failures and challenges. But the only thing to make sure is that they have someone’s assurance and support where they can find motivation and rejuvenation.

By Mansi Pareek

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