Alice back to past

April 2007

I got my results today…

I scored 85% n I’m in class B….

Mom n dad are not happy of course from division A to B is not good, right?

After that result, I called my mom to ask should I come home or not.

June 2007

First day of school or I should say in new class B. 

Some of my mates opted to shift in class A but I was confused about it.

It was confusion because I was clever student “according to my family at least” and all clever students belongs to A not in any other divisions.

This month is hell to me. Students who scored the same marks are in A and should I go there or not?

July 2007

I have made a decision. I’m part of 8th B now. What I need to be in this class is few people who are like-minded at least who accepted that we are part of this class.

This decision and being a group was a difficult task. 


In those 4 months, my brain and mind were in total confusion what to do? Is it a right decision? Will I be able to successful in my life? I used to curse myself for not scoring up to the mark. I used to be quiet, unhappy and sad. I won’t say it was depression but that was anxiety.

what to do?

● Accept the situation:

                   Yes… I scored less marks (85% is not less, I know) means it was not enough to get into that Genius class. Then I had 2 options. 1. Go back to that ‘A’ division. Or 2. Be in class B and create new memories and achievements. I selected to be in a new class.

● Trial and error:

                   It is a must thing to do. I started speaking with my new classmates. Some were happy as they were promoted to this class as they scored good grades. I learnt new things about people. I lived in a bubble from primary school same friends till last year & now I started making new friends. I also started to suggest ideas to improve class conversation. Some ideas worked, some not. But, I got self confidence back. 

● Enjoy discomfort:

                    It is funny sometimes to know we are awkward and still we have to face that situation. I don’t like new people around me and  

● Expert advice:

                    This option was available at that time but I was unaware of that. But now you have everything in your hand (Of course Baba Google) so use the opportunity wisely. Don’t search online symptoms for your situation but search for experts.

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