Alice In Menstruation Land (Part II)

So today Alice is taking someone in Menstruation. Here are their chats.

I know peeping in someone’s chat is wrong but Alice and her friend Jon are fully aware.

“You just don’t understand my feelings,

or you just don’t care about them?

Let it be… carry on with your life.”

“Hello!!! So sorry for that inappropriate language.

I was angry because you didn’t inform about your exam

& I kept bothering you in the previous week.

But this PMS made me hyper and wrote the above message.

SORRY :(:(:(”


I’m sorry too. I thought, I told you.

This won’t happen next time.

May I ask you one thing?

What is the connection between

PMS and your anger?”

“Umm.. What do you know about periods or menstrual cycle?”

“I just know that menstruation is a monthly process which

helps to throw out impure blood from women’s body.

My mom told me about this once.

But I feel it’s partially true.”

“Of course it’s partially true.

Let me tell you in a simple way,

in Uterus layers of blood and cells are developed

as one egg from egg sac is released.

But No sperm, No pregnancy.

So all this stuff is unused products

which are not required in the female body.

And because of this blood comes out

of vagina every month.

And this process starts

from the age of 13/14 years

and lasts till the age of 45/50 years.”

“Thanks a lot you told me.

But still I don’t find a connection

between Premenstrual Syndrome

(PMS) and your anger.”

“Ohh…. PMS are like signals that menstruation is about to start

It’s like yellow signal go slow.

For me, PMS are hell,

I feel like an emotional roller coaster means

like today I would have anger like volcano

but after some time I would find that anger meaningless.

This can happen with any emotion.

Or some of the girls have headache

or pain in lower abdomen.”

“That’s difficult to handle!!!

And you are handling it since the age of 13.

Means my mom is also going through this

every month..

Then what I can do

if any women near me is going through

this situation?”

“You have concerns is a very good thing

You can do anything to lift their mood

A dark chocolate can help.

And make that woman comfortable

And let her know she is acceptable

the way she is Menstruating or not?

Will you do that???

For your mom? Your sister? For GF?”

“Yeah! I can do that.

You made me realise about menstruation.

Thanks & Bye my classes are there.

So, Tomorrow we are meeting.

At that time Cadbury will be ok?

Or you want to take a rest?”

“Bye n thank you.

You thought about me.

And we are meeting tomorrow.”

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