Anxiety- A long arm of depression.

A scary word – depression, yet a very easily and widely used by everyone.

When we feel sad for a certain period of time we generally think we are into depression. We tend to use this wide and sensitive word very easily. But we need to wait and analyse is this really depression when we just feel sad or down.

It is not just that, feeling sad is just an emotion like feeling happy is. But we can call it depression when there is continuous level of neutrality in our emotions.

So the question is why?

Why is this neutrality and why there is a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness?

The common answer we could get is “anxiety”.

It literally means worrying which gradually develops into anxiety.

Today the reasons of anxiety amongst teens have changed than the previous ones as there is change and development in technology and use of social media.

Teens get anxiety due to less likes on profile pictures, less shares on their tiktok videos.

Social media world is virtual. We need to understand the difference between real and virtual world.

Anxieties have lot of reasons, any factor that causes fear can lead to excessive worries and anxiety. Excessive worries and stress for a longer time may lead to depression.

Depression is completely a mental state which needs medical treatment and help. There is nothing wrong in taking help from counselor and psychiatrist.

Let us talk to somebody and take help where we ourselves are not able to cope with our anxieties and worries from our friends, parents or ThatMates.

Let us talk and help ourselves to understand about our own anxieties and take help wherever necessary. 

Also help someone who is in such a condition and needs our help.

Let us together fight against depression and win over our anxieties.


By Shravni P

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