“Atiparichayt Awadnya”

The meaning of title is over introduction to anything causes disrespect for that thing. Have you faced such kind of situation? I face it everyday in some or the other way. Yes, you plan something for your close one to give them surprise but you only get surprise because they give preference to other work as you would understand their situation…. Or our very successful Indian player (take any player or team) loses one match and we start to troll them in every possible way….

And can we say the same has happened with the cases of sexual harassment? Do you read news related to Rape, Wife beaten to death, Dowary cases, Suiside due to heartbreak?? No, we read the title and skip that news. And definitely we will comment that culprits should be hanged in public without mercy. And you leave for your work/school. But when a couple passes from your side you will stalk them and will talk about culture and if that couple is having fight you enjoy it like entertainment.

Have you ever thought why sexual harassment is so common?

  1. The person who is harassed stays quite to avoid discredit.

On annual meeting, promotions were announced. She was happy from outside but her inner self yelling to report what had happened to her. Yes, for promotion she was asked for sexual favours though she was the only qualified person in staff. She thought it was a one time thing which was just a start. Now, she is living with that burden to avoid image of characterless girl.


  1. The fear of authority

His hand was on my back and I don’t like it plus I want to shout but he is a very strict uncle and my parents will listen to them only.


  1. Loopholes in law

“She had many affairs how she will prove I was the one who misused her? And you know my father knows everyone and I’m an only child. He will manage everything.” He said.


  1. Delayed justice

Do I need to give nos.? A woman is sexually harassed every twelve minutes. Means 43,800 women per year and we have not included no. of men who were harassed, plus there are other crimes happening. And there are only 672 district courts and 25 High courts in India. Is it proportionate?


  1. Gender discrimination

From childhood, girls are raised as liability and boys are assets. So one got freedom and another got over obedience.

It has other side also, when we say victim of sexual harassment that person will be female and culprit will be men. But this can happen vice-a-versa. (Do watch movie Aitraz.)


  1. Lack of Knowledge

How many of the following laws you are aware about?

A. POCSO Act, 2012

B. Domestic Violence Act, 2005

C. The Sexual Harassment at The Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013

D. Section 498 A

E.Section 354 (A)

F. Section 209

I. Section 509

This all are against harassment of any kind including sexual harassment.

  1. Uski naa main bhi haa hoti hain…”

Women’s Consent is the least important thing in our society. Above statement is clear indication of that, right? And of course, someone’s clothes, open minded nature cannot be considered as an invitation to flirt, comment, touch and to have sex.

If any one says NO is a NO (including your life partner or gf or bf)



So Dear Alice and Jon,


At the end,

  • NO means NO.
  • Respect the authority but not the wrong intentions of individual.
  • Suffering will make culprit powerful.
  • Change the perspective and set limits for yourself.
  • Help others to help themselves.

By Tanya Bhatnagar

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