Depression ~ a Dark Feeling

In this so called developing world every kid or teenager is pressurized to become a part of successful brigade. 1 in 4 teenagers suffer through depression in India and every 100 minute we lose a teenager in all over the world. Depression in kids and teens is like a virus, it is spreading and nobody is thinking about it.
What is depression?
According to me, depression is like a black hole where a human being lacking in peace of mind thinks that they can receive all happiness once they enter in this black hole of sadness and isolation. So, a human being with lack of mind solace keeps on entering in this black hole. Depression is that sad and dark feeling, which when increases every other thing feels useless. Depression just happens it is not an illness neither a mental disorder. Loneliness, anxiety, stress and other issues which disturb mental peace to an extreme can lead to depression. Over 300 million people are suffering from depression where India has the highest rate of depression.
Six thousand five hundred languages exists, still kids and teenagers are unable to express about what they are going through. Maybe even if they try to speak they do not get cure and solution they wanted. Kids and teenager don’t even get mature mentally and starts suffering through such big and serious issues. Severe depression takes away so many lives and we lose so many teenagers and kids worldwide. Depression plays a major role in more than one half of suicides. How many more suicide will it take to wake our world? How many more people have to die? Why does depression become so intense in teenagers and kids that they decide to take their lives? Why kids and teens take so much pressure emotionally and let their thoughts burst? Why nobody wants to take it seriously when they cry and shout silently “I AM NOT FINE!! I NEED HELP!!?
Every time a kid or teenager try to convey things in any way, their parents ignore or think that their child is trying to get some attention. Children below 13 are like a flower that starts blooming in teen age. How come these little minds will pretend depression to just get some attention from their own parents? Folks should recognize these changes in their children and should take some steps in their favour. Body shaming, bullying (include harassment at school, home or by anyone), comparisons in every aspect, loneliness, stress, conditions and many more dense reasons are their which causes depression in kids and teens.
Stop ignoring your children and observe them regularly if you don’t want to lose them. Never break the cycle of regular communication with them. Maybe your proper action at correct time can save them.

By Tanya Bhatnagar

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