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Depression ~ Red Alarm

Depression is a red alarm that kids and teens of this generation are not fine and suffering a lot. Children in age of blooming and progressing are falling into depression which is not at all a positive sign of healthy society. Depression in kids and teens has become very common now days.  Depression can be due to stress, anxiety, nearby environment, loneliness and other activities which disturb the mental peace. Many teens choose suicide as their last option because they do not get proper treatment or solution of their depression. This is all because of zero awareness about depression in teens and kids.
How kids and teens fall in depression?
The kids and teens often get themselves trapped in this hole of depression. A healthy and motivating comparison is okay till a limit, but regular comparison with other students by their own parent is major reason of stress in them. Condition at home is also sometimes a reason of stress and disturbance in mental solace. Regular arguments between adults or death of someone at home who was too close to child can also disturb their mental peace very easily. Today, even education premises are not safe for the students. Regular bullying by senior students and strong or wrong behaviour of teachers also affects the little and innocent minds of children.
How can we help and stop this?
Instead of comparing and pushing your own child into a pit of depression, a parent should always understand their child. Parents should understand that every child is different and is unique and no such things like an idol student exist. Instead of forcing them to do something you like, allow them to do what they like or at least guide them calmly. Parents should also observe the child’s company and should always keep an eye on their child and observe them. Many parents have accepted this, that whenever their child used to complain about the teacher and students or anything which they felt unusual, they always ignored and this turned out to be the biggest mistake of their life. 
Many adults have also accepted this fact they were depressed during their high school because of regular bullying and strong harassment. That is why there should be a rule that every school and universities must have a counsellor. A counsellor can become an emotional supporter for the students and can guide them if they are having triggering negative thoughts.
Depression is like virus in kids and teens which is spreading and not stopping 
Don’t know how many more kids and teens have to choose suicide as last option but someone has to do something. We have to stop this. Every day in the world a child choose suicide as a gateway of peace. Something is really wrong with us and our environment which push these children in depression. It is like a virus which is neither stopping nor reducing; it is just growing gradually and killing so many kids and teens. 

By Tanya Bhatnagar

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