Depression ~ wave of deep sadness

13 reasons why and Euphoria are some of the best shows which portray depression so well that anyone who was or is in depression can relate to it.

• 13 reason why was a show which is narrated by a girl who is a dead character in the whole web series. Hannah Baker (narrator) is new joinee in Liberty High School and is fascinated by the lifestyle of students. Soon she gets herself indulge one by one in toxic relationships and friendships. She starts losing her self-esteem after each and every dark incident which happens in her life because of her school mates. She starts getting depressed because of loneliness and begins recording tapes while she was alive. She totally loses hope to survive her school. One day she was sexually assaulted by her senior and seeks help from her school counsellor who do not trust her. She finally decides to end her life and die by leaving 13 recorded tapes which explain why she decided to kill herself.

• Euphoria revolves around a girl name Rue who suffers from bi personality disorder from her childhood. She starts using drugs to cure her depression and loneliness. The show Euphoria portrays how teenagers involve themselves in various inappropriate activities like drugs, alcohol, filming inappropriate scenes, sexual activities. The show also displays how sexual assault, harassment, bullying and violence can drag a teen into stress and depression.

Lack of awareness is major reason why majority of kids and teenagers do not get the treatment they deserve for their depression. It is like a prejudice in our society that depression is only found in adults but that’s not really true. Depression is like wave of sadness which when once start flowing a human being get confused which direction is correct. You cannot simply force a child to be happy even if they don’t want to be. Just be there for them and that is enough. Teach them how to accept that it is really okay to not be okay sometimes. Kids and teens are too young to suffer through such situation alone, there should be someone who can tell them that it is fine and it will be okay one day.  Your little ignorance and one small mistake can cause their life and you will regret it. No matter what you are to child, a guardian, parent, sister, brother, friend, teacher or anything, never ignore them if they act abnormal or weird.  

Your one positive step towards a child who is drowned in wave of sadness can help him/her to come out of it.

By Tanya Bhatnagar

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