Man cannot be Sexually Harassed ~ a myth

Whenever we talk about sexual harassment first thing come in our mind is women victim. Yes women are sexually harassed, their rate of being sexually harassed is very high in comparison to the rate of men being sexually harassed. So we should ignore this because “man” is actually stronger than “woman” or a man need to envy a woman to gain some attention for the wrong they are going through? Somewhere or the other, it is actually really difficult for boys to speak about them being sexually harassed by someone. They are judged. They are judged for their sexuality; they are declared gay or impotent and go through a lot of filthy judgments if they try to even speak about it.

“Man cannot be sexually harassed” is a total myth!!!Man can be sexually harassed by woman and man both. Some people think that a woman can never sexually harass a man. Please consider the following story and think about this myth again.

I have this one friend of mine. Since we study together I prefer not to tell his name for the sake of his privacy. He told about this incident which happened when he was just 6 year old. According to his daily routine he went to one of his colony friend. Nobody was home accept the boy’s elder sister. The girl asked him to wait for his friend and come inside. She offered him water and asked him to sit. After sometime the girl asked him to come and wait in his brother’s room. She took him to the room and started taking of her clothes. She did some wrong touches to him and after some 15-20 minutes she asked him to leave the room. My friend who was 6 year old at that time went home straight that day, without meeting his friend.

He never told about this to his own mother and after 14 year he finally met me as a friend and he shared this to me. I am the only one who knows about this.

Can you just believea 6 year old boy who has just learnt to read and write was sexually harassed? How sad it is for him to imagine and understand what actually that girl was doing to him was a sin! A filthy act! How helpless and pity 20 year old of him must be feeling on 6 year old himself.

Why we take it casually when a male talk about their story of sexual harassment, because they are strong? No!! No one is mentally strong according to the gender. I know what expression my friend had when he was sharing this to me. I was able to feel the fear and whatever dark feels he was feeling while telling me this incident. I was able to feel him and felt angry because I took him and his incident seriously!!I didn’t ask him to shut up because he is man and man cannot be sexually harassed.

Nothing is wrong about making strict laws for sexual harassment against women. But sexual harassment is never done according to gender. Sexual harassment does not have any gender. SEXUAL HARRASMENT IS NOT GENDER BAISED!! Parents should take care of their sons like they care about their daughters.

So males!! If you are being sexually harassed by someone at your office, home, university or school please share it your close ones. Do not feel fear of any judgment, just speak it up because it is sexual harassment and it is wrong.


By Tanya Bhatnagar

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