Raise Your Voice against Sexual Harassment

Playing games all day and enjoying with her cousins in summer vacations, Shreya was spending her days joyfully. One normal day, her uncle gave a puzzle to her and all her siblings to solve it. Everyone tried solving it but nobody could.

Day 2 of puzzle it was still unsolved. So Shreya asked her uncle to tell her the solution of such a tricky puzzle. Shreya’s uncle asked her to bring a paper and pencil after one hour at terrace. He also asked Shreya to not to bring any of her sibling along with her. Shreya was excited because she is going to get the solution of the puzzle and all her cousins will ask her how she solved it. So accordingly, exact after one hour she went at terrace with pencil, paper and puzzle already drawn on the paper.

I know everything until here is very predictive. According to you Shreya must have got the solution right? No. She got the solution because she did a favour to him. Her uncle asked her to kiss him on his cheeks. He gave her the solution of puzzle and then she came back to her cousins. Maybe now, little did she know why her mother asked her indirectly to stay away from her own uncle?

She was just 13 years old. What was her mistake? Seeking the solution of puzzle? If it was a normal kiss on the cheek back then, why does her uncle keep on texting her on social media when now, she is a grown up girl? Is she wrong because she can observe his eyes tracing her body? Why does he keep on trying to convey conversation with her and why does she keep on avoiding him in family functions? She is 20 years old now. She knows that he isn’t right. She knows now that whatever happened 7 years ago was not right. 

Can you imagine that Shreya was sexually harassed by her own family member? Is Shreya alone? No. How can you make sure that your daughters are safe outside when they are being sexually harassed by their own family member? Even if she try sharing things with her parents from where she should start? So she should stop and should burry everything in her mind?

So many Whys and Howes…right? But we have to stop it. This has to stop. SEXUAL HARASMENT IS NOT TOLERABLE!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!! Sexually harassed victim have to raise their voice before things got worse. Before the sinner gain more courage you have to speak up. Do not leave them. This isn’t normal and won’t stop until you do something to stop them.

Do not let this happen with you!!! Raise your voice before it’s too late.


                  STAND FOR YOURSELF!

By Tanya

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