Relationships and technology

Albert Einstein once said that “I fear the day that technology will surpasses our human interaction. The day will have the generation of idiots.”

Relationships are never justified with technology. We have got so much dependent on technology that we have forgotten what the value of real conversation is. Technology has helped us a lot but we have somewhere got so much involved in it, that we just enjoy in our own virtual world and ignore the people in real world.

Feeding your emotions and compromising your feelings through technology is very wrong. Ask that person how terrible he or she must have felt with whom you go to a restaurant and he just sits there while you use your phone. Technology has just disturbed the every particle of relationship. People should understand that the foundation of their relationship is a lot affected by technology. We ignore the person standing in front of us to chat with another person on social media. We are just so busy with our laptops and mobile phones to complete our professional tasks. Something is definitely wrong.

I am lucky that I was born in an age where technology was not ruling my generation. I proudly can say that I have real friends who can help me in any situation and I am not trapped with fake friends on social media. I feel sad for the kids who have started isolating themselves to play video games and chat with their friends. Never lose your real ThatMate in saving relationships with online people.

Technology is nothing but a knife which is sharp from both the edges. It totally depends upon the way you use it.

By Tanya

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